Depression brings about effects in our life that not many are willing to talk about. There are unnecessary shame and guilt associated with the symptoms of mental illnesses. One of them is that it keeps us away from practicing personal hygiene. The sheer amount of energy it takes to perform simple takes makes it all very exhausting. And that makes getting out of the house with confidence or will even more difficult than usual.

But with these tips, you can surely inch towards better hygiene practices every day.

Keep a travel kit with you

A travel kit is essentially a small bag with all the things you’d take on a trip, like a sunscreen, moisturizer, toothpaste, brush, etc. Keeping them handy helps because if and when you leave home without, for example, spraying deodorant or applying sunscreen, you can do so anytime. Try to find products in a smaller size if possible, as they are easier to carry.

 Add one thing every week

We know that chalking out an immense to-do list is totally counterproductive. Having unrealistic expectations from ourselves is just a recipe for disappointment and resentment. Hence, we suggest that you follow this method. Say you start on Monday. Decide to brush your teeth that morning – just that. The whole week, make brushing your teeth In the morning and then at night your goal. As you get used to that, you can add another goal next Monday – wash your hair. Doing things like this is way less overwhelming.

 Do not give up on yourself

On many days, we feel disheartened due to the effects depression has on our daily life. But the key here is to not give up on yourself. You can do this – the progress you are making is progress, no matter how slow or small it is. Taking it all at once, or trying to demean yourself will not work. So, be kind and patient with yourself.

Ask for help – you deserve it

There are times when asking for help is the bravest thing we can do for ourselves. Recognizing we need help is a big step. If you have people in your life whom you can trust or already know about your depression, do let them know that you can use some help. It can look like helping you clean your house, set up the wardrobe, chalk out meal preps. Doing it as a team will go on to show you that you are not alone in this at all.

Make preparations the night before

If the next day is Monday and you have to wash your hair, set aside your shampoo, conditioner, towels, etc. That way, you are reducing the number of tasks you have to go through before actually washing your hair, the next day. You will feel way less overwhelmed tomorrow, and you can get it done quickly too. Try to do it at a time of the day when you feel like your depression even slightly abates and you feel relatively better.

 Keep reminders

When you keep reminders, they help you keep track of tasks with respect to time. Keep in mind that you keep reminders in an encouraging tone. By doing so, you can ensure that you are not rebuking yourself into doing a certain task, you are simply reminding yourself. That slight change in tone can make all the difference too.

 Play your favorite music in the back

If you have decided to do the laundry on a certain day, you can put on some music in the background as you do so. Music helps in setting a rhythm to things. You can also use only certain tasks for certain songs, then you will get familiar to them too specifically for that activity.


Depression is immune to sappy inspirational quotes and empty life hacks. When we have clinical depression, advice that is rooted in our experiences helps us more than anything else. Such advice speaks to us and meets us exactly where we are – in terms of energy, capability, and motivation.