How many of you are movies and/or Netflix fans? I bet there are many of you other there who are just like me. Someone who cannot sleep without watching a movie or even just an episode of a series on Netflix. 

And there isn’t just Netflix. A lot of us use Amazon Prime as well. While there are some of us who still love watching the first shows in the cinema. Be it anywhere, being a movie or series fan is one of the best feelings (at least for us). And with this, you obviously are the person who likes staying up to date on what will be coming out soon in the market. 

So, to help you out with what’s in store, we have shared some of the latest trailers of movies and series that will be coming up soon. Watch these trailers to decide which one you will watch first as soon as it is out on Netflix or the theatres.

First Love

There is a new movie coming from Takashi Mike and it looks like a lot of fun. Although the trailer doesn’t tell what the story is about, we could see that it is a twisted and interesting movie. It is a Japanese and US movie releasing on 27th September in the USA.

Rhythm + Flow

If you are a Netflix fan, then you know that Netflix has been getting a lot into reality shows. And this will be the first attempt of Netflix at a music series. Although, there is no way to find out if anyone will care about this since most of the reality shows on Netflix aren’t much of a hit.

But for this series, you might be highly interested after you hear who the judges are – Chance the Rapper, TI and Cardi B. If you are interested in it, check out the trailer and be ready to watch it on the 9th October. Episodes of this will be releasing weekly just like any other reality show.

Gretel & Hansel

Yes, this is a remake. But it is a gorgeous one with a twist of indie horror in it. Many of you might also find the flipped name ridiculous as I did, but the trailer will surely spark an interest to watch it. Obviously it is a horror one so it might have to do hard to reach up to the level at which Chapter 2: IT reached. Check out the trailer and be ready to watch this movie on 31st January 2020. 


If you have watched “It Comes at Night” and loved it, then this is another movie that the director is coming out with. But it slightly different. It is a family drama that is said to be very alluring and fun to watch. It will be released on 1st November of this year. 

Just Mercy

This is a story of Walter McMillian who was wrongly convicted of murder in the 1980s. The movie is directed by the same person who directed the “Short Term 12.” The cast of this movie is amazing including Jamie Fox, Brie Larson, and B. Jordan. And the best part of this movie is that it comes out on Christmas Day.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie

Have you watched Between Two Ferns? Well, if not, you better get to it immediately. It is an amazing series on Netflix and no one knew it would come this far. Now with this being highly successful, Netflix has decided to turn it into a movie. Although this is unnecessary, with all the stars in it and the over-the-top looks, it will come out. And with this, it might also be highly loved by the audience. Check the trailer here and expect to see it on 20th September.

Black Christmas

Rebooted from the 1974 horror film, Black Christmas will be out on 13th December.  The movie is about sorority sisters who are dealing with a masked killer. This killer turns out to be a complete cult or frat or something like that. It will be a fun twist. Do check it out.