Greying hair is a common problem these days and needs an immediate solution. Many researchers and scientists have been looking for a permanent solution that will aid in the normal growth of the hairs that are not grey. Mainly women are very particular about this issue and keep an eye on some natural remedies that will not have any side effects on their bodies. With the changing trends of men being inclined to hair coloring and different styles also prone them to early hair greying! So, we have summed up all the natural ingredients that are easily available in the market and can be used on the hair without any hassle.

In this article, we shall discuss some of the top remedies that will help in healing the problem of greying hair faster and you can easily achieve your lustrous hair soon.


Amla and methi seeds

Add 6-7 items to three tbsp of Associate in Nursing oil of your alternative (coconut, olive, almond) and boil for some minutes. Add one tbsp of fenugreek powder. Cool, strain and apply liberally everywhere the scalp in the dark. Use a gentle seasoner shampoo to scrub off within the morning. Indian gooseberry or Amla could be a wealthy supply of antioxidants and has been employed in Ayurveda for all types of hair issues. Fenugreek or Methi seeds are packed with many nutrients and also the combination of those super ingredients not solely prevents premature greying however also promotes hair growth.


Black tea rinse

Boil a cup of water with a pair of tbsps of tea leaf and a tsp of salt. Cool and apply liberally on freshly washed hair. enable to dry. Repeat frequently to darken gray strands. Black Tea has alkaloid that is loaded with anti-oxidants whereas adding a natural dark hue to the hair, it stimulates hair growth and strengthens it giving it a shine.


Almond oil and lemon juice

Mix oil and juice within the ration of 2:3. Massage well within the scalp and hair. remove when half-hour. Almond oil has vitamin E that is extraordinarily useful for hair. It nourishes the roots and prevents premature greying. Lemon juice not solely adds gloss and volume to hair however conjointly promotes healthy hair growth.


Henna and coffee

Add one tbsp of low powder to boiling predicament. Cool and build a paste with henna powder. Let it rest coated for some hours. combine in one tbsp of any oil of your selection and apply generously covering the hair utterly. wash out once AN hour. Henna could be a natural conditioner and a colorant and once combined with low, it provides wonderful results and helps you get your naturally lustrous strands in no time.


Curry leaves and oil

Boil a containerful of curry leaves during a cup of oil until they flip black. Cool, strain and store. Massage into hair 2-3 times every week. Leave nightlong. Curry leaves are packed with water-soluble vitamin and facilitate to revive the pigment base within the hair follicles and forestall additional greying. it’s an upscale supply of Beta-Keratin and conjointly prevents hair fall.


Ridge-gourd oil

Place a containerful of sundried ridge-gourd items in oil and leave to ooze and mature for 3-4 days. Boil the oil for a number of minutes. Strain and store. Massage into the scalp and hair in the dark and wash away with a flavored shampoo of your selection. Ridge gourd or Torai contains enzymes that restore the pigment, alkali within the root of the hair further as strengthening them. oil could be a natural conditioner creating unruly hair manageable.


Onion juice

Mix 2-3 tsp of onion juice, one tsp of juice and one tsp of vegetable oil. Massage into the scalp associated hair and wash out once an hour. An effective resolution for greying hair, onion conjointly promotes hair growth. It will increase the accelerator, Catalase, therefore darkening the hair. When combined with juice, it provides shine and bounce to the hair. Not only the color gets affected but overall, the growth of the strands also accelerates manifolds.

By following these easy-going recipes, you will yourself witness a change in your hairs and love the hair that you had before! So, quickly get your ingredients and try them today for a perfect shiny hair!