Weddings are infamous for being expensive – and rightly so. But there are many aspects of the wedding planning process that allow some money to be saved. If you are a wedding planner and are searching for affordable décor ideas for your client, we have compiled seven of the very best in this article. So, even if your client is more than willing to shell out money, you can help them save a few bucks with these creative ideas:

Vintage suitcases

A vintage suitcase is a very resourceful idea for wedding decor. You can fill it up with interesting objects. A lot of people use these suitcases to spruce up the photo booth area. You can keep photographs, greeting cards, and even event schedules in them, and adorn the corner with fairy lights and flower jars. Photographs of the couple, their close ones, and their interests can also be used to decorate these suitcases and to give them a personal touch. This gives the guests an opportunity to get to know the couple better, too! So, dig up a suitcase or two, or you can even rent them online.


Mason jars

You can make a lot of creative ideas come true with mason jars. You can fill them up with water halfway and put floating candles inside, or use them to hold your fairy lights. Mason jars add a rustic yet modern touch to your wedding designs, and they are quite cheap too. When setting the dinner table, swap the boring water glasses with mason jars! If you want to make the guests’ table more interesting and fun, pour river rocks, candy, or cute stationery for kids, and decorate the tables with them.



Ribbons are a great way to add some casual yet fancy vibes to your wedding day. They can be used to brighten up just about any part of the decorations, too. For example, you can tie them around chairs, and make even the less fancy ones look adorable. You can write menu items, seating arrangements, and the list of events on individual cards and paste them colorfully on various ribbons. If you are handing out return gift bags, tie a cute bow on them! The best part is that ribbons can easily be incorporated into your color palate as well.


Balloons are another great way to add to the wedding day festivities. You can dip them in glitter and let them loose, or stick them to the last row of the chairs. You can make cute little arches out of them and prop them above the couple’s table, the aisle, etc. You can make wall decorations of the couple’s name or other things that they hold dear and make a photo corner out of it.


Sheer fabric

Sheer white fabric can be used in a variety of ways. Line the prominent staircases with flowing fabric and candles. The roof of the chapel or the barn can be made cozier by adding the fabric in a criss-cross pattern. If it is an outdoor wedding you are planning, you can build a gazebo of sorts using the fabric. You can add lights and flowers as and where required to bring the idea alive. As the wind blows and the fabric moves along with it, the whole place will feel livelier than ever.


Table cloths and table runners

When it comes to table decor, these two things can be used spectacularly to cut down on the costs, but up the style quotient. So, even if you have rented cheap tables, you can beautify them with resplendent table runners. Choose those with bright colors and interesting patterns that go with the overall theme of your wedding. Tablecloths can also be used to make the tables look pretty and expensive. Include patterns like floral or more seasonal ones as well. These things give the illusion of expensive fabric.



Umbrellas are a cheap yet creative way to add a bit of wonder to your wedding. Pick out umbrellas that have unique patterns on them, or go for single hued ones and you can put lights or flowers on them. They can be hung upside down, made into a photo corner, or used above the tables to provide relief from the sun or rain, if it is an outdoor wedding.