Do you aspire to become a millionaire but don’t which habits to inculcate? Today, most millionaires are self-made and have several habits in common. These habits not only help them to earn money and accumulate wealth but also give them a lead over the rest. These daily actions are simple tasks that focus on self-improvement. When practised daily, they lead to better productivity and knowledge. Millionaires also value their relationships and health in general. They adopt a focused approach to improve their habits.

Embracing these habits is not a certain way to make you a millionaire but will certainly put you in a different league. Let’s look at some of them.


Millionaires are avid readers and tend to read at least one or two books every month. They pick up books that focus on self-improvement and helps them grow as leaders. They understand the importance of growing their skills and knowledge base. Apart from books, they also read daily newspapers and are well-aware of what’s happening around them. You can start by spending 30 minutes to read a book of your choice. Within a couple of months, you will notice a difference in your thought process and will get a lead over your competitors.

Pursue your interests

In the daily struggle of managing your job and home, your interests and passions may take a backseat. Millionaires, on the other hand, follow what interests them. Their passion becomes the underlying cause of their daily motivation. They work harder because they have a strong inner drive. As we grow older, we tend to lose that spark and daily routine tends to take over. You can start by devoting a couple of hours every month on an activity that interests you. The idea is to get that spark back and transfer it to meaningful business ideas

Set goal

All of us have dreams but millionaires make goals to achieve their dreams. To get started, write them down and then make goals around each item. List down a number of activities that can take you closer to your goals. The next step is to make a daily to-do-list for a more tangible outcome. Ask yourself if you are capable of achieving your goals or if you need to improve your skills to reach there.

Alternate streams of income

This is one habit that can drastically set you apart from your colleagues. Millionaires know that money grows money and generate alternate sources of income like rentals, capital gains, and stock market investments. Do you have any money lying idly in your bank account? It may be time to put it in money-making instruments to grow your wealth over time.

Modest lifestyle

The best example is Warren Buffet. Despite being the world’s third-richest man, he lives a modest lifestyle. Most millionaires follow suit and stay away from spending their money on expensive brand items. Instead, they spend on things that will increase in value and give them more return. For instance, instead of buying premium cars, they buy regular Toyotas and Hondas. They know that premium cars lose their value after the first year of purchase.

Avoid debt

While it may not always be possible to avoid debt but the key is to clear it off as soon as you can. Ditch those credit cards and start using cash to pay for your expenses. Secondly, make it a priority to clear off any loans that you have availed. The longer you take to repay them, the higher will be your financial obligations. Most millionaires become debt-free by the time they reach 45 years and retire by the age of 50.

Delayed gratification

In this age of instant gratification, millionaires are an anomaly. They are patient and know they can’t become a millionaire overnight. They stay on the course of their chosen path, invest wisely and live modestly to achieve their dreams.

The bottom line is to step out of your comfort zone and become comfortable with it. With these habits, you can certainly inch towards your dream of becoming a millionaire.