Parenting changes the life of a mother completely. They need to take care of the baby as well as their health. This means they need to cut down on any extra work they had been doing in their professional life at the office. Under such a scenario, working from home can be a blessing for mothers. If you are one and want to establish a career, look no further. We have compiled a list of all the work from home options that come handy. For many of these jobs, you only need a good internet connection and a laptop or a smartphone to get started. Given below are seven jobs you can apply to and start earning. So, let’s get started!


Virtual assistant

Many professions have come up that have a close tie to social media. A virtual assistant may be asked to book tickets, like posts, comment on them, scheduling pins and posts on sites like Pinterest, etc. So basically, you will be their assistant but will be providing your services online.

You may be hired by individuals or by businesses too.


Dog sitting

If your city is populated enough, you can definitely find any opportunities to work as a dog sitter. This is great for you if you love dogs, can look after them for an hour or two, and you can do this job while you are out as well. Take the dog for a walk in the park with your kid/s. This will add to their fun and help you earn money too. It is quite a stress-free job and you can reach out to prospective clients through online sites and word of mouth, both. Create a profile for yourself and upload photos and write about your experience with dog sitting and dogs in general. You can ask the owners to bring along the dogs’ toys special food,  etc.



You can do blogging as a job on your own or for clients too. If you decide to start a blog of your own, remember to be consistent with it and have a clear vision about what you want to do with it. It’s not easy to make money from a blog, but once you start doing it – it only becomes easier. Many established bloggers also look for content writers to help them in expanding their content. You can work for them and get paid monthly or on an article by article basis. So, the article is bound to vary in terms of topic, word limit, writing style, etc. from client to client.



Although this job suits former teachers more, others can also definitely take up tutoring successfully. You can tutor neighborhood kids in the subjects you know well, from English to Maths and Art. You can advertise through posters, but through word of mouth as well. Let your friends, neighbors, and kids’ schoolteachers know that you are tutoring. You can help children revise and strengthen their syllabus before tests, etc. Tutoring can be done online too. You can thus teach and tutor for money while your kids sleep or play.


Survey taking

Survey taking is a job you can do at home in between other tasks as well. Companies thrive on feedback for their services and products, and you can help them gather the same. You just need to fill out a survey as and when you get the time to do so.


Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is definitely a new and upcoming job market. Many companies are interested in knowing how their products are marketed and shelved in real life. For this, they will ask mystery shoppers to send in photos of their products in stores, etc. So all you will have to do is send a photo of the product you come across the next time you go to a supermarket or the grocery store. You can earn a few dollars like this very easily.


Transcribing and translating

A transcribing job will require you to convert audio files into text format. You can look up files online and transcribe them, to make them part of your portfolio so that potential employers or clients can get a look at your work. If you are proficient in more than one language, you can look for work from home jobs in translating as well. Here as well, you should upload text you have translated on your own so that clients get a reference. Even if you get paid article by article, keep at it as these clients will become your regular base over time.