We spend more than seven to eight hours of our day in our workplace. This is where so much of our life goes by. And so, it becomes crucial that this space is as positive and encouraging for us. Because if we are surrounded by drab and uninspiring things all day, their effects are going to translate into our quality of work and life, sooner or later. So, let’s look at the seven ways in which you – as an employee and as a boss – can contribute to making the workplace positive for everyone:


Bring nature to your desk

It has been proved a lot of times that having sunlight and plants at your desk actually improves our mood and makes things seem more positive. Not only do they add a splash of color to the desk, but plants also make it healthier. You can bring a small plant or two to your desk and water it daily.


Create a lively environment

A lively environment in the workplace can go hand in hand with professionalism. This can mean having company outings, signing cards for a colleague’s happy occasion, contributing resources to help an employee out, etc. This can also translate into the decor of the office in terms of light and color. More light, creative designs, and soothing colors can make all the difference in the world.


Take a break from screens

Staring at your screens and hunching down on your desk for hours on end is a recipe for ruining your health. These habits can ruin your eyesight, cause pain in your fingers and even make them cramp up, and cause back pain as well.

That is why, it is important to practice self-care by taking a break from the desk and having a stroll, stretching your body, etc. You can decrease the brightness on your devices and increase the zoom too to avoid squinting. Apart from that, remind yourself to maintain good posture when seated. As a boss, you can encourage your employees to take such breaks so that their health is not so affected by the end of the day.


Acknowledge sincerity

Discard concepts like tough love when you enter the workplace as a boss – you are working with grown-ups, so you have to interact with them accordingly. Acknowledging sincerity means that you make your appreciation known when an employee is putting in extra efforts, doing better than before, or taking better initiatives within the company. These words of positive encouragement go a long way and make the employee feel seen and acknowledged.


Keep your desk clutter-free


Waste paper, wires, loose change, and empty pens – all these things serve no purpose on your table. Create separate compartments or boxes for them, so that there’s a place for everything. It will help you avoid confusion and inconvenience. Having a desk that is clean and inviting has a positive effect on our mind almost instantly.


Build a healthy workplace

A healthy workplace is one where everyone feels heard. During meetings and discussions, give everyone an opportunity to speak – and be listened to. If a disagreement arises, do your best to ease it out with patience and understanding, instead of getting defensive. These practices make such discussions healthier and more positive.


Recognize individual struggles

At the end of the day, bright walls and peppy notes on the office fridge can only go so far. Beyond these things, there is a lot that can be done by you to truly make the workplace positive in the long run. So, if you are a boss, it is time you really sat down to take a look at what unique struggles your employees might be facing. These difficulties in the workplace can be based on race, gender, ability, sexuality, etc. And thus, talking and actively listening to your employees on these fronts can help you introduce measures that can make the office more positive and safe for them. This can include a proper redressal committee, increasing accessibility with lifts and wheelchairs, and following fair and equitable policies.

If you think of positivity in the workplace as a process rather than a task on a to-do list, you can actually bring about meaningful change for everyone involved.