The most frequent question that arises in the minds of people is as to what they could have for snacks. Having something between the meals that are healthy is what we all long for. Here’s a list of some of the most delicious quick snack recipes that you will keep you away from cookies and chips and make you stay healthy.


Simple Oatmeal

One of the quickest snack recipes for vegans is a delicious bowl of oatmeal whose recipe can be modified as per your taste requirements. The best way to have this snack is in the form of overnight oats. The basic recipe goes as follows:

Take some common rolled oats and add spices such as cinnamon, cocoa powder or cardamom and later either add some water or plant milk depending upon your taste preference.

Add a tablespoon of chia seeds and mix them in a jar. Later,  keep this mixture overnight until it becomes thick and the chia seeds expand. Top this thick mixture with toppings of your liking such as banana, berries, etc.

Remember that rolled oats, unlike the other type, can be eaten raw with delicious toppings and nut butter making it one of the best vegan snack recipes of all times.


Popcorn Chickpeas

One of the best vegan snacks for enjoying traveling or a movie at home is the so-called “popcorn” chickpeas. This delicious snack can be made by following this simple recipe.


Firstly, drain the chickpeas on a parchment sheet mix it well with herbs or spices such as dried basil, paprika, etc. depending upon your preference. Bake them for about 30 minutes and 400F until the chickpeas become hard. This dish does not require oil or excess fat and is a highly portable snack that can be enjoyed at every occasion.


Veggie and Fruit Toast

One of the best combinations of fruits and veggies is a nut and seed butter. Pairing banana, celery, carrots with tasty and thick butter can make one of the best vegan snacks that you would love to have.

Cut the bananas lengthwise into long pieces and add peanut butter or resins as toppings. Slicing apple and pairing it with almond butter is also an amazing combination.


In order to prepare fruit and veggie toast, first, slice the vegetables or fruits lengthwise or dice them depending upon your choice. Place it on parchment paper and bake them for 45 minutes at 400F. Bake them until they take a brown color and allow them to cool. Once cooled pair it with either jam or peanut butter.


Sushi Burritos

Making vegan burritos is quite simple and is one of the best options for having as a snack between the meals.


Slice your favorite veggies such as cucumber, red pepper, etc. and roll them inside the sheets. Along with veggies, you could also make use of sweet potato mash along with a tasty dressing along the sides. For a quicker recipe, you could also make use of rice vinegar as a dressing.


Cinnamon dusted plantains and sweet potatoes

Adding a pinch of cinnamon dust on to the sweet vegetables can definitely make one of the best vegan snack to enjoy with your family and friends. This amazing snack can be prepared by following the few simple steps given below.

Recipe :

Firstly, cut the potatoes into various shapes as per your wish and dust them with fine cinnamon powder. Bake them at 400F until they are cooked throughout. Note that sweet potatoes can be always replaced with other vegetables or fruits, though it might be slightly mushier yet tasty.


Homemade hummus

The most common vegan snack is hummus which can be made by following a variety of recipes. Each recipe is one of its kind and can be matched with various dips depending upon your taste preference. The basic ingredient for any kind of hummus is chickpeas.

Recipe :

The general recipe for this snack requires about a cup or two of chickpeas. Add sesame seed paste along with cloves, garlic, herbs, and various spices to give it that delicious taste.

Add an appropriate amount of water and lemon juice to achieve the required consistency.

Put this mixture inside a blender and then store it inside the fridge.


Frozen Mangoes

A quick vegan snack that can be enjoyed thoroughly by everyone, especially during the summers, is frozen mangoes that are available in any grocery store. It simply tastes as good as ice cream and need not be processed.

In case you do not prefer frozen, simply add boiling water to the bowl of mangoes and drain them. You can now enjoy this amazing snack either separately or as a topping on any other vegan snack.

These are some of the best recommendations vegan snacks that you can enjoy in between your meals to maintain a perfect balance of tasty as well as healthy.