Are you also one of those people who try out the bathroom everywhere you go, especially in hotels and restaurants? Well, I too, am one person who does it. I love to closely observe everything from the ceilings to the floor. And in a restaurant, I check out the dish execution and the offerings to the attitude and timeliness of the service. Every detail of a restaurant contributes to the quality experience that we have.  In fact, many of us select a restaurant based on the ambiance. We notice the tiny things like the vibe in a place, the color, texture, and lighting. And if we ever come across a chair that is uncomfortable, it ruins the whole experience. 

But that is not the only place we look at for judging the restaurant. A lot of us always check out the bathrooms to see how it looks and how clean and maintained it is. This is not just true for the ladies who spend a lot of time in the bathroom, but also for the men. In fact, bathrooms are the places where restaurants use their creativity the most. 

What I do not understand is why don’t people treat their home bathrooms in the same way. A home bathroom can also be decorated and designed beautifully. And if you want to do it, I have picked up some great ideas from restaurant bathrooms that you can use. While you select an idea to implement it, do not forget to have fun with it.

Here are some of the great decor ideas for your bathroom:

 Colorful Toilet

If you have been to New York City or are planning to go here, you should visit the restaurant named Cervo. Not only is the food and ambiance great here; the green marbled toilet seat is also a delight. And taking this idea from here, you can use colorful toilets at your home as well. The traditional white or cream-colored toilets have become really old. Revamp your bathroom to look more elegant with this idea.


It was in Washington DC where I saw the bathroom designed with skillful graffitis. Street art has a lot of beauty in it and adding such style to a bathroom is wonderful. You can have your bathroom designed with this art as it runs all over the ceilings and the walls. Have it covered with drips, shapes, images, and even words collaged together. It would be a great eye-catching visual. In fact, you can have home graffiti done instead of hiring a professional for it. It would have the same effect. 

 Spell It Out in Tile

Yes, you read the heading right. From a nice monogram to inspirational proverbs, you can add anything to the walls of your bathroom. There isn’t any limit to things you can spell to add on the wall with tiles. Think crazy and out of the box about this to make it look great.

 Subway Tiles

Using subway tiles from the floor to the ceiling of the bathroom is a great thing. And even though we know that a lot of people use the subway tiles at homes for a backsplash, adding it to your bathroom would be a highly bold move. You can also get creative with this. 

 An Unconventional Sink

Unconventional sinks have actually become a thing in many places. Some people have even incorporated the idea in their home bathrooms. In fact, it is time for you to do the same thing. By using such a creative sink, your bathroom would look highly stylish.

Bold Wallpaper

Another bathroom decor trend that many are following is the use of bold and patterned wallpapers. The idea behind using this is that people want visitors to take great selfies here.  So, if you are not afraid to get a funky wallpaper, then try this out. 

Patina Mirrors

Since we are working towards making the look of our bathrooms better and stylish, adding a vintage mirror has to be a part of the list. People are not just adding this in their bathrooms but also in their living areas and corridors. You should try it too!