Manicure and pedicure sessions definitely do not have to burn a hole in your pocket. With the rise of DIY tutorials and blogs in this sphere, you can treat yourself for some qualify me-time right at home. Mani pedis are not just a fad – they are actually quite beneficial for us. Our feet and hands end up collecting a lot of dirt, grime, and many other pollutants – not to mention, layers and layers of dead skin cells. By taking out the time to exfoliate and cleanse your fingers and toes, you can ensure all of that is removed, revealing soft and clean skin. Moreover, because scrubs can be used too, they help in increasing our blood flow in these areas. And lastly, who has not felt relaxed and confident after a lovely mani-pedi session?

So, here are our seven broad tips to help you arrange a soothing mani-pedi session at the comfort of your house:

Clean your nails 

Before you apply the coatings of your favorite nail polish, it is very important to clean your nails first. This helps in preventing the cracking or peeling off of the layers. Remove any previous layer of nail polish you might still have – make sure to remove all the traces, so that you have a fresh canvas to start with – use a nail polish remover. You can soak a cotton ball in it and gently rub it across your nails. This tip will help in getting rid of any oil or soap from your nails.

Tend to your cuticles


This tip is all about making sure your cuticles are in the best shape and form. Firstly, you can soak your fingers in some warm water, thereby softening your cuticles. To get rid of the dead skin cells, the best method to use a sugar scrub that has essential oil in it. Clean under your nails and nail beds with a nail brush. Dermatologists suggest that pushing back your cuticles is not a good idea.  Along the same note, do not cut or trim your cuticles – for they actually help you avoid bacteria and infection.

 Find the right shape for trimming


Recently, rising above the popularity of the square shape for nails, the “squoval” shape is getting prominence. As the name suggests, it lies between square and oval – and is really attractive. The most suggested time to cut your nails is right after a bath – as your nails are likely to be softer at that time. Otherwise, you can simply soak your hands or feet in lukewarm water for a few minutes and begin trimming then.

 File your nails properly


A big mistake people make while filing their nails is that they file back and forth. This method easily weakens our nails and makes them prone to chipping or snagging. To avoid that, you should file from left till the center of the nail, and then start over from the right to the center. After you are done filing your nails, place your hands’ side by side to check whether or not the nails are of the same length.

 Apply two coats of nail polish


Before applying the nail paint, roll the bottle between your palms – it will mix everything together without causing bubbles. Now, you can just rest your forefinger on the cap and use your thumb and middle finger to hold the brush. Start with thin layers, then end with a topcoat.

 Use a pumice stone


A pumice stone can work miracles for you if you have calloused feet. Use it at most thrice a week. Gently rub the wet stone across your feet. Rinse the stone and repeat it again. Make sure you keep the stone clean and dry after use.

 Sterilize your tools


Be it a nail clipper or a cuticle pusher, make sure to put these metals in rubbing alcohol for 20 minutes. Store them in a plastic bag afterward.


With these seven tips, you can make the best of some free time and dedicate it to taking care of yourself. While simply booking an appointment for a manicure session may be tempting, once you get started, you will be amazed by how effective (and cheaper) doing it right at home is.