Various shades of seasons, fall in the temperature, roads to peaks covered with snow, local food at its best; this is a dream definition of everyone’s vacation goals. A vacation in such a place is a treat to anyone and everyone. As soon as there is a snowfall or a time of a thunder breeze, hearts start craving to visit what we all know as “Australia”. Australia known for its awesome weather along with a free-minded culture is the best place to satisfies one’s wanderlust. One can be free as an eagle and just fulfill their whims.

Here is a list of seven snowy places to visit in Australia that should always be on top of your tourist spot list when visiting Australia in Winter:

Bunny Mountains, Queensland

Bunny Mountain, a must to visit destination located in Queensland. Never thought of as a holiday destination, not a problem, it’s never too late. Bunny Mountain is situated between Kingaroy and Dalby, witness snowfall on some occasions. Just enjoying the scenic beauty of the place and having the very famous Bunya Burger is a perfect combination. Not to forget, clicking pictures with Bunya pine trees with a light soothing snowfall is a must.

Mt Donna Buang


Mt Donna Buang is located in Yarra valley. Because it is not so far from Melbourne and also a very beautiful snowy destination, it is a delight for all the residers and dreams for others. The different types of toboggan runs make it a little different from other snowy destinations. The lookout tower approximately 21 meters high gives an astonishing view of Yarra Valley, Melbourne, and the Alps. Why wait, just pack your bags and free yourself.

Lake Mountain Alpine Resort

The best place for a family trip, just go and have fun with your children and parents. It’s a slope covered with snow, many types of the snowman to make, can also go for snow women, just kidding. It’s amazing to do toboggan runs and then just sit and enjoy the chill and calm of the place.

Snowy Mountains in NSW


Nothing better than this place for a ski holiday. Mount Kosciuszko, Australia’s highest mountain is the best among all the peaks undoubtedly. Snowboarding and skiing during the snowy season the best thing. The scenic beauty is just jaw-dropping. One must not think twice about choosing this as a destination to visit.

Victorian Alps in Victoria

Falls Creek, Victoria has some of Australia’s steepest expert terrain. Mt Buffalo as some great snowshoeing and amazing downhill skiing. Toboggan runs obviously is fun to do in any of the snowy destinations. Pack your warm clothes as there is no two way about whether to visit this destination or not.

Overland Trek in Tasmania


A little challenging place to visit, but if there is spirit to admire the beauty of nature along and also embrace its rough parts, this is the place to visit. During winter, it receives gentle snowfall. A very good place for a lone traveler, as there is very less crowd, added to it is the rarely seen beauty of frozen lake and wildlife like wallabies and wombats. This place is worth visiting owing to the fact that winter is very calm and soothing here.

Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort 

A kid-friendly snowy place to visit. A good place for a family gets together a trip. Also, it is the closest to Melbourne so it is an escape to most of the people after a stressful week or so. Along with snowboarding and skiing, there is Frantic Frog park, especially for children. So, even is someone is scared to do skiing, they can chill and have fun in the park. Not to wait, just grab the opportunity to visit the place.

Some Final Words

Lastly, Australia has a lot of places to visit and it is a very good holiday destination as you can touch various types of places in just one-holiday destination. A checkbox is a must in everybody’s wishlist so that you can cross out each place after you have visited there! So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know about all the exciting places to visit in Australia for your best trip ever.