Researchers have proved that clapping hands is not just a striking gesture but has lots of health benefits beyond your imagination. We normally tend to clap our hands while reciting a song or while appreciating someone for their achievements or on occasions such as birthdays. But little do we know that this simple striking of our hands does help heal many human diseases.

Clapping basically helps activate receptors present in your palms and enhances the activation of a major part of your brain that directly leads to improvement in one’s health. It also helps in various body system activation Thereby improving the healing response of your body. The following are the remarkable benefits of clapping your hands daily on your health that you must be aware of:

Helps treat hair loss

Due to the changing lifestyle, we may encounter various hair related problems in our day to day lives. Though it sounds a bit strange, clapping your hands daily could help cure various hair problems. The striking of your hands tends to stimulate your hair cell growth thereby treating for hair loss problems.

Major Health benefits to children

Researches have proved that clapping hands regularly by children helps them improve their cognitive skills and also improve their concentration power to a large extent. Clapping hands also helps sharpen their brain and improve their memory. Children will find it easier to retain knowledge and also show improvement in their handwriting along with minimized spelling mistakes.

Multiple benefits from clapping therapy

Apart from the normal benefits discussed, clapping therapy also helps deal with diseases like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, eye problems, common cold, etc.

While it is absolutely fine to clap when necessary, it is highly recommended to take up clap therapy for higher health benefits. This therapy method involves applying either coconut oil or mustard oil or a concoction of both the oils to your palms which would eventually be absorbed by the body. Make sure to have your palm in a straight position and strike them against each other in such a way that the fingertips, as well as the palms, are in contact with each other.

In order to receive maximum benefits, this therapy is recommended to be performed especially in the morning hours. However, it is not compulsion and therefore you can also perform it as per your comfort zone.

Improves mental illness

If you have been stressing over things too much or deal with issues like anxiety, clapping your hands is the most simple and efficient method for complete stress removal and controlling the levels of anxiety. Clapping tends to initiate and transmit a positive signal that helps prevent the state of depression. Due to this reason clapping has also been included in various warm-up exercises in order to activate your happy hormones.

Improvement in bone health

If you are someone who regularly suffers from back pain or other severe pain you could always opt for this amazing clapping therapy that could cure such pains and provide you with relief. With the efficiency improvement in your back pain, you will now be able to perform various physical tasks that you couldn’t manage to do before.

Helps boost immunity

Studies have proven that clapping your hands significantly increases the count of white hoodie cells in your body that are responsible for fighting against all kinds of infections that could result due to changing seasons.

Helps achieve a healthy heart

One of the most important benefits of clapping is that it enhances your heart health by efficiently controlling the blood pressure levels. The striking of your two hands not only helps tackle heart problems but also helps reduce breathing problems to a large extent. Clapping is also known to increase the levels of blood circulation in your body.

Some Final Words

These are some of the most remarkable benefits that are provided by clapping your hands. Though it is a simple hand striking movement that might seem quite normal yet it tends to have a major effect on your health in a positive way. So make sure to take up this amazing clap therapy every day to get the maximum benefits and help deal with various diseases in the best way.