2019 saw a wave of TV series that brought quality content on screen. Gone were the days when people only wished to see normal stories. Today, there’s an audience for every kind of TV genre and that’s why storytellers bring in mind-boggling shows which question your thought process, reality, religion and more.

We too love TV shows a lot and are constantly updated with the latest shows that have been making a name for themselves. Today, we shall give you our list of 6 shows which are trending and have brilliant story-lines. These 6 shows are different from each other and hence are sure that you’ll find a new favorite show from this list.

Game of Thrones

Recommended for those who love mythical stories and setups. Game of Thrones is a battle among 7 kingdoms who want to sit on the Iron Throne and rule over everyone. This revolutionary show has the distinction of being called the most-watched TV show ever! There are 8 power-packed seasons full of love, war and politics all combining to one thrilling series finale! This show cannot be missed!

Stranger Things

A small town that’s very peaceful starts experiencing scary and creepy incidents. There are secret government agencies and supernatural forces that want to take power and destroy the world! All of this combines into one hell of a story which is called “Stranger Things”. What we like about this show is how they have shown the 70’s and 80’s of America so clearly along with the supernatural segment!

Russian Doll

If you have watched “Groundhog Day” you will surely love this drama. A woman who’s celebrating her 36th birthday again and again! Every time she dies, she starts her 36th birthday and ends up dying. The clock resets and she is now stuck in a loop full of horrors! Is there a way out? How can she find out? We know that’s a lot of suspense. So do us a favor and watch this show now!

Black Mirror

One of the most unique shows we have ever seen is Black Mirror. Set up in a world which is just a few moments ahead of us, the show aims to let us know how modern technologies are used in the world and their adverse effects. Each episode is set in a different reality and is not related to each other. You surely will feel twisted after watching these stories but they’re mind-boggling.

When They See Us

Perhaps one of the most talked and controversial shows of the year, “When they see us” will tell you the story of five teens who are falsely accused of a crime that they haven’t committed. This is based on a true story and hence had a lot of response from the audience worldwide. There are a lot of issues on racism covered here and we’re sure you can handle this drama pretty well.


The Chernobyl nuclear attack in April 1986 was devastating for Ukraine. The storyline of this documentary-drama based show will tell you about the heroes who tried to contain this disaster in any way possible. Some even gave up their lives trying to prevent this from becoming a nationwide tragedy. Watching this show will require a lot of heart but you’ll thank the makers for how they’ve shown the whole story.

Overall, there are tons of TV shows that are coming up and it’s not humanly possible to cover them all. Hence we made a list of 6 special TV shows which you must watch without fail!

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