Mexico, a country that finds itself around the Pacific Ocean and the southern part of North America is one of the most unlikely destinations for anyone to visit in the winters. But that’s what makes this gem of a place worth visiting as there’s a lot more that you don’t know about Mexico!

There are so many attractions and unique things that you can do during your trip to Mexico in November. Now we know that you won’t believe us. Hence we have sorted and found 6 surprising reasons that will convince you to visit Mexico very soon.

Day of the Dead

Let us begin the first point with “Día de Los Muertos”.  The Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 2 in the country of Mexico. This is also a festive holiday that is celebrated from October 31st to 2nd November.

What we like about the festival is that the people will show their love for this tradition by decorating their houses, their neighborhood and will take part in parades, parties and also some night time visits to the gravestones of their loved ones. Witness this during the first week of November and be amazed.

Pleasant Weather

Our second surprising reason for suggesting Mexico in November is their weather. Around this time the hurricane season is over and the weather has calmed down. Mornings and afternoons are bright and sunny. Evenings are refreshing and with the cool breeze, you might consider opting for a jacket.

What we like about Mexican weather is that it’s very pleasant and helps anyone to take a stroll outside and see how amazing the country looks from within. Checking out the actual beauty of Mexico in the morning will be worth the visit.

Mexican Thanksgiving

Next, we have the classic Mexican Thanksgiving. November in Mexico is famous for so many things and Thanksgiving is one of them. All over Mexico, restaurants will craft special food and drink menus for Thanksgiving.

What we like about Thanksgiving is that it’s more fun to enjoy the festival without snow and the cold weather. We also appreciate how Mexicans showcase their love for tradition always.

The epic Hot Air Balloon Festival

After all, if you found out that they also have a hot air balloon festival, how would you feel? Yes, there are so many good reasons why visiting Mexico makes sense and this is one of the prime highlights. Each year in November, people that love hot air balloons will make their way to Leon, Guanajuato.

What we like about this festival is that it looks spectacular. All you have to do is visit Leon, Guanajuato and either participate in the festival or just bask in the mesmerizing view in front of your eyes. As per statistics, thousands of people from over 15+ countries will visit and participate in the competition and enjoy the festivities.

Revolution Day

Mexico also celebrates Revolution day in memory of the 1910 revolution. Even after 100 years, this day is celebrated with so much vigor as you can see the whole country follow parades and enjoy the good food.

What we like about this day is that everyone usually roams outside and hence when you visit the city it will be less crowded. We also appreciate how Mexico keeps its traditions alive and enjoy each moment of it.

Fewer crowds in November

Lastly, Mexico is also one of the best places to visit in November because the crowd begins only from early December. Also, you can get hotels and airfare at very lower prices as compared to Christmas time.

What we like about visiting Mexico in November is the budget-friendly vacation that helps you save money and also enjoy one of the most fun-filled months here. You can explore the city, explore its beauty, understand their traditions and have the time of your lives!

Will you travel to Mexico in November? Which event or tradition is your favorite among the ones listed above? Have we missed out on any event or tradition? Kindly comment below with your answers!