BoJack Horseman is an adult cartoon that has been making waves in the TV series industry. This show has been running on Netflix and has received amazing reviews.

The show BoJack Horseman is part of a universe where men and animals live among each other. Don’t be surprised when you see animals working on a computer and doing jobs which only humans can do! The central character BoJack Horseman is a middle-aged horse who once was the best sitcom actor. But after a bad period, he now has become an alcoholic and is completely in depression.

When you first see this show, you might think it’s completely adult, narcissist based, etc. But this show is more than what you think and hence we will give you 6 such reasons why you must drop everything and binge-watch Bojack Horseman

This show will usually discuss current issues

Current issues in this show are very normal One of these episodes will discuss moral abortion and they’ve made it fun as well.

What we like about Bojack horseman is how they mold current issues with the story and make it look so normal. It is difficult for a show to make such bold statements and hence we are glad to see someone take so much effort.

Todd is the best supporting character ever

When you watch this show, a recurring figure going by the name of “Todd” will always be there. As he’s homeless, he makes a place in Bojack’s house. All hell breaks loose when he tries to do something. The equation between Bojack and Todd is too good.

What we like about Todd that he isn’t perfect and always makes mistakes. But he’s also hilarious and is always there for Bojack when he needs a friend. Throughout the series, you will see the major character development of Todd.

This series makes terrible fun of celebrity culture

If you watch this show, please note that often celebrity culture is joked upon. Maybe someone you like will be trash talked here too. In some episodes in the first season, Andrew Garfield is on the receiving end of a lot of jokes.

What we like about this show is that it shows how some celebrities’ lives have fallen badly and Bojack isn’t the only one who’s faltering. It breaks the perception common folk have about celebrities and their lavish lives!

Bojack is not like any other adult cartoon you’ve seen

You might have seen a lot of premium adult cartoon shows like Family Guy and also South Park that has been making people laugh for a decade! But unlike these two top shows, Bojack has a continuous story-line and characters continue feeling whatever they feel throughout all seasons.

What we like is a continuous story-line. This is because jokes/insults/fights that took place in an earlier season will be remembered in a new season.

Bojack Horseman is unique and relate-able

It doesn’t matter that few characters are humans and the rest are animals. What makes Bojack Horseman unique and relate-able is the fact that they display such real emotions that anyone can relate to. They show the struggles that people deal with day to day and hence we feel this show is strong and very real like!

Bojack Horseman uniquely depicts depression

Our last point is perhaps one of the most important ones. They uniquely show “DEPRESSION” and doesn’t sugar coat it in any way. They show the real deal and hence we appreciate the show makers in bringing up such an important topic.

What we like is how they show Bojack battle with depression. His friends try to get him out of it but fail as Bojack, in turn, manipulates them and hence doesn’t get a good ending.

If you haven’t watched Bojack Horseman yet, we must tell you to quit horsing around and watch it for this show is as real as our world today and the people in it. Have you watched Bojack Horseman? Did you like what we spoke about Bojack? If yes, then we request you to let us know through your comments below.