Lucifer alias “The Prince of Darkness” also has a TV Show dedicated to him which is more funny and humorous than you could ever imagine. The series “Lucifer” is about the devil Lucifer Morningstar who gets bored of his hell duties and stays on earth running a bar, playing the piano and making deals with humans! In one instance he gets attracted to a cop, Chloe Decker. He befriends her and they solve cases! So this is also like a police procedural show!

After the 4th season got over, the series was canceled and fans went berserk all over the world signing petitions and getting a hashtag trending titled #SaveLucifer. Netflix picked it up and now we will see one last fitting finale to the series in 2020. If you haven’t watched this show already, it’s a shame but if you’re not convinced yet, we will give you 6 good reasons why you must stop everything that you’re doing and watch Lucifer!


Lucifer takes the charming look to a whole new level

Lucifer has been known to be irresistible to almost everyone living and dead! In the series, they will show him with one specific power that compels people to tell him their innermost and darkest desires! You will hear some funny desires and even some naughty and dark ones too.

What we like about the show is that Lucifer has his charm right from his smile to the British accent that gives him quite a charming look.


Lucifer Doesn’t Lie

Yes. You read that right. No matter what happens in his life, he just doesn’t lie. If he’s carrying a bunch of cocaine or has slept with 5 women and a guy, he will tell the truth. Most of the time when the supporting cast will ask him about his father, he will mention God. But no one believes him.

What we like about the series is how they’ve shown a different side to a character that is hated by many!


Tom Ellis is perhaps the best choice to play Lucifer

If Lucifer had to choose a vessel, Tom Ellis would be the obvious choice. His charm, dialogue delivery, and the British accent mixed to bring the best version of Lucifer that anyone can imagine. Tom Ellis has portrayed the character very well and you will see a lot of Lucifer in him but the kind that makes you fall in awe of him.

What we like about Tom Ellis is that there’s no one else who would pull this character off with such ease.


The Series portray women in serious roles

While Lucifer will always be the main attraction of the series but he would be nothing without the help of all 3 female leads. Right from his leading lady the cop Chloe Decker to Dr. Linda Martin his psychologist & Maze his demon assistant, these 3 ladies have done a lot to help Lucifer in good and tough times!

What we like about the series is that they’ve given equal importance to the storylines of all women in the cast.


Lucifer-Decker Love Angle is like a see-saw game

Throughout the series, you will see Lucifer try to woo his lady love, Chloe Decker. She doesn’t pay heed to all his interests. But sometimes it does seem like she might say yes! It’s like a game of see-saw and the fans are left to wonder – Will they? Won’t they?

What we like about the series is how this cute game of love has its ups and downs and how they both try to show their real feelings to each other always!


“Lucifer” series is based on a comic

For the comic book readers, the good news is that Lucifer Morningstar is also based on a comic. It had first appeared in the year s1989 as one of the supporting characters in Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” & later in Mike Carey’s solo series on Lucifer’s adventures on Earth.

So this is why we think that Lucifer is a show that cannot be missed by any of you. If we have convinced you to watch Lucifer, kindly comment below and let us know!