A journey that began in 2005 is still running in 2019 and has completed more than 325+ episodes. The story of 2 brothers that hunt anything dead and walking on earth gained a lot of popularity. They have shown so many types of monsters in the show which can be turned into a new encyclopedia for information!

The actors’ chemistry, the usage of Biblical references and many more reasons allowed Supernatural to run 15 seasons when it was just planned to end at Season 5! The 15th season which began 2 weeks ago is the last season ever and considering very few people has missed this show until now, we will give them 6 reasons why they must watch all 14 seasons of this epic show titled “Supernatural”.

Supernatural has an Epic Plot

Death changes everything. The death of the mother when both Brothers Sam and Dean were little, makes their father enter the world of hunting ghosts. He enlists his sons and teaches them all tricks of the trade. They are always looking to hunt another ghost and ensure no family is left incomplete like theirs.

What we like about this plot is the revenge and justice style. It’s amazing and you’ll love it.

Brother’s Love is eternal in Supernatural

If you want to see true love between brothers, there can be no better show than Supernatural. They always have each other’s back and would give their lives to save one another.

What we like about this show is the feels it gives as time and time again, they will protect each other, will pull each other’s legs, and also make it emotional. The thing about family is how you can never quit on them. Also seeing them age for 15 years makes this an emotional experience for all.

Women of Supernatural

The supporting characters in Supernatural boost the performances of all main characters. But apart from the males, some women have given stellar performances throughout the series.

As parents, friends, lovers, fellow hunters or even monsters, these actors have made Supernatural an amazing show. None can say that the show is sexist towards males only!

What we like about the show is that you won’t just see the two brothers always. The supporting actors often trump them throughout the show with their skills and

Supernatural is Funny and Humorous

There’s a lot of death and gory scenes but that’s not all. They also have their funny and humorous segments that leave you in splits. It’s good to see the balance this show maintains. There are jokes on porn, food, and life is indeed amazing.

What we like is how each character takes a jibe on one another. If you understand references, boy you are going to have an amazing time!

Supernatural has tons of Monsters

One thing about Supernatural – You will see a lot of monsters. The list includes Ghosts, vampires, shapeshifters, demons, pagan gods, leviathans and a lot more. It’s so much that by the end of the show you’ll know how to ensure you are safe from a ghost. Quite knowledgeable no?

What we like about this show is that throughout 15 seasons they have brought unique monsters and not repeated them often. It makes this show very interesting.

Supernatural has a kick-ass soundtrack

Not only the script but Supernatural has amazing songs as part of their soundtrack. Bands such as AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and Metallica have contributed some beautiful songs which you will keep humming.

One of the epic songs which you will keep listening throughout the series will be “Carry on My Wayward Son” which is always shown at the beginning of the last episode of every season. Each song instills a lot of emotions and makes more sense to the story.

So here’s why we think you must watch this epic show called Supernatural. The 15th season has just begun and by the looks of it, we can surely expect some breathtaking action scenes! So start watching it and enjoy! Comment below if you have already watched this show and are already a fan!