Are older moms more likely to give healthier babies than younger moms? Yes!!! It is true. The age of the mother affects a lot on pregnancy and the child who just came into the world. Women who get pregnant after the age of 35 are considered older moms. Being a mother is a big responsibility. Women plan a lot about it before taking such a big step. A family should be well-settled and stable enough to raise a child. The decision of pregnancy without any planning can turn out to be the worst mistake in the future. It is also said that older moms are healthier than younger moms and can raise a healthier baby. Kids of older moms are taller and smarter, Many studies have proved this. The kids of older moms are more physically fit and are smarter (they score better academically).


Your emotional preparation is high

There is not a certain time for being a parent but considering the age factor amongst upcoming mothers plays a vital role. A young mother might be not emotionally ready to handle her child but a mature lady will be ready emotionally to take care of an infant alone. A person grows with time and being a mother is a huge responsibility, so a woman should be mentally prepared to deliver her child proper love and affection. But in case of a young mom, it is somewhat not adequate they need care and love, and hormonal challenges that a young mother faces she needs support from her loved ones, comparing an older mom in this condition have greater handling she can deal with it maturely.


Dealing with Patience

Being an older mom will create chances of more adept ability between kids and mom. A kid will face less behavioral, emotional and financial difficulties in his life. The reason behind this is older mothers have healthy relationships and are more financially stable in comparison to younger mothers. Older moms are more mature than younger moms. They have more experience in life and have more patience.


Career perspective

Decisions of parenthood later in life have their benefits. It allows you to focus on your work. A career in a company in which you have spent long years working provides stability in career and can provide you ample facilities including maternity leaves and financial assistance while bracing motherhood. It will also help a mother in the later stage of life as a growing senior member of an organization. She can also achieve that position which may be not possible if she braced motherhood early in her life.


Kids with older moms have advanced linguistics

Older mothers can help their kids in language skills as older moms use an extensive combination of words while interacting with their kids. A kid with good language skills can share his views efficiently with others. A higher level of education can help a mother to be the role model for her kids and can contribute to their academic success. A mother with higher education has a group of educated people near her which will surely help kids to intensify their intellect.


Your kids are likely to be more comfortable with technology

With the progressive nature of technology in the present scenario, kids are also getting smarter with them. For example, if a woman decides to give birth after 10 years in her 20’s will somewhat will help the kid to get better exposure to the advanced technological environment. Kids born in different periods have different approaches towards the technology near them or about the upcoming technology and studies. Children will have more advanced options to select for their future and specialization, as with time new era of technical advancement is growing and they have several options waiting for them.


You will be better in remembering parenthood

According to various researches being an older mom will work in your favor considering memory issues. Women having babies in their 30’s have better cognitive mental processes and verbal memories. Various researches show that pregnancy in the later period of life contributes to the immune system and can provide a reduced risk to diseases like Alzheimer’s. It acts as a protective mechanism against dementia later in life. It also depends on how a woman takes her care while in pregnancy period.



Many studies have also proven that older moms have well-settled relationships, they are more educated, mature and have a greater community in comparison to that of younger moms. Studies have also shown that women who had their first child after the age of 25 have more chances to live to age 90 in comparison to that of a younger woman.