Italy is loved and known for a lot of things. Italian cuisine, fashion, and art are consumed all over the world. But there is another very interesting thing about this European country. Italy has a very distinct list of dog breeds of its own. These dog breeds are very unique. They come in different sizes, have different nutrition needs, energy levels, and need to be groomed accordingly too. So, let’s check out our top six favorite Italian dog breeds!


Spinone Italiano


This Italian breed has many names, like Pointer or Italian Griffon. It is a very ancient dog too. This dog is famously friendly and affectionate. It is known for its alertness too. This may be traced back to the fact that Spinone’s were first bred for gun dog purposes, which they are capable of doing even today. They have strong muscles and bones and can traverse different types of terrain with their limbs. Their coat may come in white, orange, or brown colors. This breed is very good with kids too, as they are not known for their aggression at all. Make sure to socialize them during the critical period.


Lagotto Romagnolo


As the name suggests, this breed originated from the Romagna region of Italy. They can be trained quite easily. These dogs have a loving and clever nature and are very much bonded to their owners. Their coat is very curly and has a woolly texture to it.


Cane Corso


Cane Corsos are one of the most popular breeds in Italy. These dogs can be trained quite easily from a young age, as they have a high level of perception and intelligence. In addition to that, this breed is known for its affectionate nature too, especially in big families. It is suggested to begin their socialization early on too. Cane Corsos require a lot of activity and exercise, so if you are active yourself, they will adjust very well. Their hair sheds only lightly, so you can brush them as required with a dog brush.




The Bergamasco breed is known a lot for their sweeping hair – it is something that begins to touch the floor when they near the 6-year mark. This breed reached Italian Alps from Iran, through the shepherds.  They would leave the herd to graze with the dogs there. The latter would bring back the herd without the shepherds being present. Because of its shepherding history, a Bergamasco is quite alert, patient, and perceptive too. They often are a companion dog as well. This breed is loyal and extremely close to its owner. It also has a muscular built and a heavy tail. The fur is often very matty. It should be known that this breed very recently was at the risk of being endangered, as shepherding reduced considerably – but now have bounced back, thanks to the efforts of an Italian breeder named Dr. Maria.




The Maltese breed comes under the Toy group. These dogs are known for their playful and energetic behavior. It is not surprising as they have been bred as companion dogs only. This is something that stays and evolves with the Maltese breed, even as they age and grow older. They prefer small places like yards, etc. The Maltese breed is quite small as compared to others. They enjoy playing around the house, chasing the ball, playing with little children, etc. When it comes to shedding, they don’t shed at all if they are given proper care. Bathing them once a week suffices.


Lupo Italiano


The Lupo Italiano breed is quite similar in appearance to the German Shepherd. It is interesting to note that they have very recently been bred from a wild wolf. They are used to rescue people caught under debris or snow, like in avalanche rescue teams. They are thus very loyal and brave. They are especially suited to mountain terrain.


 Some final words

Italy has numerous other breeds that it is famous for. These dogs are all special in their own way. Some are suited for physical activity and exercise, while others are great with family and kids. And at the end of the day, they bring a whole lot of love and laughter into the lives of those who own them. Now that you know about these breeds, you can get a dog for yourself! Get the best and beautiful dog to your home!