Chocolate is a sweet eatable manufactured using roasted and ground cacao seeds that are either made in a liquid paste or some geometrical shape. It is the popular sweet in the world and has many health benefits. Chocolates are also used as additives in various eatables such as cake, dessert, milk and much more. It is very nutritious and is also a source of antioxidants (dark chocolate is rich in organic compounds and function as antioxidants). It also improves blood flow and is very beneficial for patients with a blood pressure problem. Fresh chocolate tastes like heaven and can be used in homemade chocolates also. Chocolate industries earn in billions because people don’t know how homemade chocolate taste like and they don’t even know how to make them. Also, these industries don’t even have any proof of what kind of ingredients they use whereas homemade chocolates last for 3-4 months.
Spending time with your family can be more fun if everyone together makes some tasty homemade chocolates. It can turn out to be a perfect family holiday. The following are some ultimate homemade chocolates for chocolate lovers which are perfect for family holidays.


Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is one of the easiest homemade chocolate and can be easily made. The ingredients used are cocoa powder, milk powder, powdered sugar, vanilla (or use chocolate extract if you don’t have vanilla) and coconut oil or vegetable shortening. Use good quality of ingredients and you will discover the best homemade chocolate ever. This semisweet chocolate contains 35 percent cacao and 55 percent of milk. One with diabetes should avoid consuming milk chocolate because there is a lot of added sugar in it.


Homemade Melt-In-Your-Mouth Dark Chocolate (Paleo)

We guarantee you, once you make this ultimate chocolate home it will taste like heaven and will melt in your mouth!! Those people who are very health-conscious should try this homemade chocolate. The ingredients used are coconut oil, cocoa powder, honey, and some vanilla. You can also increase the flavors by adding peanut butter, dried coconut, orange zest, chopped nuts, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon. You can also use maple syrup if you don’t have honey. Do not bake, only refrigerate.


Caramel Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Coins

Caramel is made by melting various sugars (it is melted until it gives golden color). It is used as a major ingredient in desserts, cakes, milkshake or ice creams. Caramel already tastes very good in flavor. When caramel and chocolate are mixed they form the best homemade chocolate ever. If you truly love chocolate you should try this one. The ingredients used are dark chocolate (use small pieces), white sugar, heavy cream, sea salt (to increase the taste) and cocoa powder (for dusting).


Homemade Dark Chocolate Glaze

With less number of ingredients, you can make this delicious chocolate at home. Unsalted butter, milk and semisweet dark chocolate (chopped) are the only ingredients used. Melt the butter, add chocolate in melted butter and pour milk in it. It tastes like chocolate pudding and is very easy to make.


Hot Chocolate

Perfect in winter, hot chocolate tastes like an antidote in winters. It is easy and quick to make. Hot chocolate has the ultimate taste and melts as soon as you put it in the mouth. The ingredients used are milk, semisweet chocolate (grated), white sugar, ground cinnamon and eggs (make sure the eggs are smooth and whiskey). You can also use marshmallows, whipping cream or whip cream to add the flavors. If you love cooking and want a quick-serve, hit chocolate is best. It is easy to make you need very fewer ingredients to make this tasty homemade hot chocolate.


Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate With Chile

The ingredients used are milk, use Mexican hot chocolates such as nestle and lightly toasted red Chile de Arbol. To get a proper and real taste it is suggested to use Mexican chocolate which contains sugar and cinnamon. You can also use some squares of Rey Margo chocolate (which is tough to find) for better taste. Also, use Abuelita chocolate while serving accordingly. Mexican chocolates are very rich in antioxidants. It contains a high amount of organic compounds.



Chocolates are and will remain the favorite eatable for everyone. Try these amazing homemade chocolates which are way healthier than chocolates which are manufactured in industries. Since chocolate is loved by everyone it can also bring your whole family on together and you all can make these easy homemade chocolates and have a lot of fun. Try homemade hot chocolate for older people at home and they will surely enjoy it in winters. One major advantage of making chocolates at home is that you can control the flavoring of chocolate.