Turmeric, renowned as Indian saffron and the golden spice, finds many commercial and domestic uses since time immemorial. The attractive yellow color of finally processed turmeric inspired many communities to use turmeric as a dye. The turmeric in spice cabinets of the kitchen used for cooking is made from the ground roots of this tall plant that grows in Central America and Asia. But there are also ample health benefits that in using turmeric that is not so widely known for present generations. Here are the top 6 health benefits of using turmeric.

Many naturally-derived products of plants are of medicinal value with health benefits. Turmeric, a staple in Indian cooking, is also no exception to it.  Turmeric along with giving the dishes a lovely tinge, with its fragrance and unique taste, also offers the following health benefits.


Anti-Inflammatory properties

The major and active constituent and ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Curcumin has an anti-inflammatory property that helps maintain a healthy lifestyle and responds to inflammation. The western foods for which we are keen today like processed foods, lots of sugar, lead to the state of chronic inflammation. The studies indicate that this inflammation can be a silent killer. It is because it makes the body more vulnerable to many diseases. Thus due to inflammation body becomes a  perfect host for heart disease, obesity, and even cancer.  Alzheimer’s also targets.

Thus, to avoid all these consequences, inflammation must be checked that is possible by having more unprocessed foods and spices like turmeric, that helps in fighting inflammation.


Healthy Joints

Turmeric helps in establishing healthy joins and also helps in promoting mobility and overall joint health in the body. This is due to the presence of curcumin in turmeric as a major constituent. As the curcumin offers anti-inflammatory responses, it benefits joints too and helps in avoiding them from being swollen and inflamed. Mainly, it helps in avoiding arthritis-like disorders( ex: rheumatoid arthritis).

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a disorder that causes chronic inflammation or swelling in the joints. It is so painful and thus researchers studied it to arrive at a natural remedy. They found that 500 mg. of curcumin ( for which turmeric is a great source)  consumed daily was more effective in controlling rheumatoid arthritis than Diclofenac, the drug prescribed for it. Osteoarthritis  (a disease of the joint that is degenerative) can also be treated by turmeric.


Heart Health

Chronic inflammation is a great cause that hinders the overall health of the heart. Similarly, the improper endothelium(lining of blood vessels ) does not regulate blood pressure as well as clotting. Thus, both lead to heart disorders that lead to death. Curcumin is highly effective in promoting the health of the cardiovascular system as its anti-inflammatory and also improves endothelium functions. It is found that turmeric and curcumin are so effective like aerobic exercise that protects the heart.


Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Building up of unhealthy high cholesterol levels in the body is caused due to oxidative stress which is in turn due to chronic inflammation. Since curcumin of turmeric is anti-inflammatory, cholesterol levels are maintained. And it is found that 50pmg of curcumin drops bad or negative cholesterol by 11.63% while good cholesterol rises by 29%in just a week’s time. Curcumin is comparable to a drug Lipitor that helps in reducing inflammation and reduces oxidative stress.


 Stress Tolerance

Turmeric functions as an adaptogen and boosts one’s tolerance to stress, i.e it has a great role in balancing the dangerous effects of stress upon one’s body. Adaptogens, are botanicals that help in modulating and regulating the secretion of stress hormones from the glands(the adrenal glands). Thus, by this quality of being an adaptogen,  it helps to adapt better to stress, physically and emotionally. It helps us to be resilient, too for all situations. Hormonal balance is also ensured.


 Weight Loss

Turmeric helps in weight management in people who are overweight. Elevated stress releases cortisol hormone that affects stomach cells more than other cells and makes stomach cells to store more energy. Turmeric reduces the stress, balances hormones, and thus helps in weight management and controlling obesity too.



Our kitchens already found countless uses for turmeric. Considering its health benefits too, we must use it to prevent and cure diseases and disorders that trouble our health. It’s a simple yet effective medicine at our reach.