“One run can change your day, many runs can change your life.”
It is rightly pointed out that running and jogging are good for health. But how many of us are health conscious?
Prevention is better than cure. And exercise, particularly jogging, is way better than any medicine or pill a doctor may prescribe. Much research has proven the same. It has stated that not only it is beneficial for your physical health, but also your mental health as well.

Jogging can be defined as a form of sustained trotting or running, at a slow and steady pace. It is faster than walking but slower than running. The main objective is to maintain the tempo without causing stress/strain to the body. It is sustainable and consumes less energy, yet keeps you healthy.

Take a look at a few of the benefits of jogging that can surely impact your life in the best way–


Easy and Hassle-free Weight Loss

It is an effective way if you want to get rid of those extra calories. You can easily burn 3000 calories from half an hour jog. It boosts your metabolism, burns fat and helps you maintain the weight. Add a healthy diet with jogging for better results. Jogging every day will help your body to level up and surely will stretch your muscles to impart the best effects on your body’s overall health.


Impart Excellent Bone strength and strong muscles

Jogging makes your body toned and in proper shape. It acts on muscles and develops them to be stronger. It is beneficial for calves, hamstrings, gluteal muscles, etc. Along with this, it also improves bone health. Once your bones can bear the stress and load from jogging, the bones become stronger and less prone to injuries. It certainly helps prevent one from bone diseases like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Jogging also strengthens your hip and spine.


Jog for a healthier mind and shed off the mental stress

Jogging helps to maintain a balance between work life and personal life by giving a sense of peace and calm to the mind. It also keeps you away from unnecessary thoughts to leave a positive impact. It, therefore, plays an important role in curbing mental stress and to have a healthy mind. The hormones (endorphins) released through jogging lifts your spirits and rejuvenate your body.


Let your heartbeat and lungs respire

Jogging is for sure, good for the heart and the respiratory system. It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise for a healthy heart. It keeps the blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose level maintained. It also enhances the capacity of lungs giving strength to respiratory muscles. You take more oxygen and remove carbon dioxide for a better endured respiratory system.


Anti-aging benefits with prevention from infectious and communicable diseases

Jogging stimulates the formation of lymphocytes and macrophages which combat infections in your body. It is the reason why your body can fight with viral infections, common cold, flu, etc. With increased intake of oxygen and circulation of blood, your skin becomes more youthful and fresh. So, better start jogging right now!


Improved immunity Benefits

Jogging helps to build a stronger immune system as it improves the production of white blood cells in your body. It clears fatigue, depression, and stress. So, add on more years to life with improved immunity. Studies have stated that cancer survivors have increased their years to 5.3. If you meet the minimum required amount of exercise, you can extend your days to life. It will enhance your immunity and bring to light the best points of your body’s health.


Some Last Words

Remember to focus on your health before anything else. If you do not prioritize your health now, you will have to regret it later.  Jogging is certainly a gateway to improved health, both physically and mentally. It is highly recommended if one wants to maintain their weight and stay in shape. But if you accompany it with a bad diet, everything will go in vain. So, make sure to eat healthily, stay away from negativity, meditate and jog to achieve peace. After all, relaxation and tranquility go hand in hand. Go, get up and do jogging to experience this blissful life!