Macedonia is one of the most unique places you can visit in 2020. Also considered as one of the offbeat places to travel, this hidden gem has good food, amazing flora and fauna and finally warm and welcoming locals.

Found in the center of the Balkan Peninsula within Europe, Macedonia is one of the best places to visit for travelers, nature lovers, foodies and even for couples! With fewer tourists visiting, we feel this is perfect for you as a traveler to explore an underrated destination.

So if you haven’t been convinced yet, let us give you 6 golden reasons why Macedonia must surely be on your travel bucket list:


We believe nature is one of the best creations by God. Macedonia is one such destination where nature lovers will find joy. Whether it’s their amazing lakes or their huge mountains and national parks, Macedonia has something for everyone.

What we like about this destination is that you can enjoy nature and its beauty without worrying about annoying tourists. They also have tons of outdoor activities for you to enjoy.

Rich History

History is important as we get to know our roots. Macedonia has a rich history and as per evidence, civilization here was found as old as 7000 years B.C. Yes, they have that old history. This makes Macedonia one of the most historic sites in the whole of Europe.

What we like about Macedonia is that the location is amazing not only because of its history but also because, in this history, Macedonia has seen different rulers, cultures and many eras too.

Delicious Food

As we mentioned above, Macedonia has withstood different cultures and eras. Hence it only makes sense that they have an amazing set of cuisines to play with your taste buds. When you visit Macedonia, the foodie within you will be awakened and we guarantee you that.

What we like about Macedonia is that they take their food very seriously. You can find a variety of cuisines but we suggest you try the local cuisine where there are options like the Pastrmajlija, Kacamak, and Turli Tava!


Macedonia not only has good food but also has an amazing collection of wines! Yes, again history has played an important role here and Macedonia has benefited out of it. Their local wines are amazing and you will find a lot of history attached to it.

What we like about their wines is that each local wine has some historic significance. Some of the wines can be linked-to Roman times. Isn’t that amazing? Also, they do produce a lot of wine which is then exported all over the world! So wine lovers can rejoice here!


One of the most vibrant places in Macedonia is Skopje. Yes, this must be on your must-visit places while in Macedonia. This city is bright, vibrant and has everything that a tourist looks out for right from decent stays, restaurants, bars and shopping areas!

What we like about Skopje is that such a city allows you to see a different side of Macedonia. There are a lot of statues, museums and women can have a great time shopping their heart out!

Affordable & Unexplored

One of the main reasons why we are talking about traveling to Macedonia is that it is very AFFORDABLE. Yes, the flight carriers are offering cheaper rates to travel and when you compare it with other European destinations, Macedonia will look very affordable to you. It is also a place where you get value for money!

Also, it is rare to find people that have visited Macedonia. Yes, hence this destination is unexplored and is waiting for tourists that appreciate history, culture, and nature. What we like about Macedonia is that there’s so much to see, so much to do and at a very little cost! Isn’t that great?

Overall, we think Macedonia is an amazing place to visit and hence you must visit this offbeat destination in 2020. Have we convinced you enough to visit Macedonia? Will you visit this place? Do comment below and let us know!