Family is the place where life starts but love never ends. Family, one of nature’s masterpieces is the building blocks of our life and society and the compass guiding our lives. It is the greatest support when we feel we are lost.  The bond with such a  supporting relationship strengthens only if we spend some time together. It not only strengthens the bond but also allows the children to open up to parents and helps parents have better connectivity with their children. It helps to address the behavioral problems of children too.


Finding Time For A Family Vacation

But, today in this fast-paced world, parents are trying to provide a high standard of living for their children for which they are working consistently. Similarly, children are left in their own world of media and social media. It is then no more a great family and the meaning of sustenance is zero if one lives so. Thus, though one is so successful in the profession, earned so much too, there must be some time allotted for the family too.  A strong family somehow finds that chances where they could have some quality time and not the quantity of time. Though such times aren’t available for oneself, on a daily basis, at least holiday time with family can make great memories. Here are great ideas for having fun with family during the holidays.

For holidays to be quality family time, people think of the best ideas but then end up not able to do anything productive. It’s no more the same. Here are the things that make fun overloaded with one’s family during the holidays.


Video Night

Childhood memories are sound to take one to a state of extreme happiness. All children would enjoy seeing their unseen, interesting photos of their childhood. They would love to contrast how they were and how they are present. Parents and children can make a slideshow of how they grew up with interesting stories of both shared.


Movie Time

A movie watched together as a family is always great fun. Movie time with family is one of the best memories. Family members try to relate the characters with themselves. They share with fond remembrance and nostalgia if any of their stories are the same as the movie seen. It becomes more interactive when the film is watched and aftermath, a discussion regarding its deeper implications and its message is held. An appropriate and right film suiting all, if selected would make a great time.


Family Competition

There have been competitions we all have been involved in our school, college or in the workplace both for fun and success. But, how about involving in a family competition involving people of different age groups? It would be a unique experience that can’t be earned anywhere else. Thinking of arranging a competition or events to involve all, making preparations for it, competing in it, having some memorable prizes and all other related activities creates great enthusiasm and offers a spellbound and unforgettable experience in the same manner spent holidays.



It’s a great time to eat meals together that fosters a bond of unity. It would be a greater time of life if all family members set to cooking, and ponder what they can do at their best. It relieves women of the household at least for one meal and makes everyone from child to grandparent to cook. Having all the dishes together, and eating them by sharing with one another can be a great part of our holiday. It can ward off our boredom too. Similarly, make us handle spoons instead of phones.



Friends are always a home away from our home. Everyone would have at least a few friends in some or all stages of their life. Introducing friends of one family member to another family member, organizing games between friends, having lunch together, recollecting the past and most beautiful moments of friendship is a precious time for the whole family. This is because it makes one gets to know the relations of a family member apart from the family.


Board Games

If sitting and having some fun without much physical strain is the choice of family members, then board games would become the best choice. No cost, simple yet effective favorite pastime would be board games. All family members can be a part of games like monopoly, scrabble, business, chess, snakes and ladders, ludo, etc.


Some Final Words

Distractions like gadgets kept people sedentary, away from spending quality time with family. Each and every activity can be fun and make the family come closer if we enjoy their company. It’s up to us in deciding and prioritizing what we really want in life and how are we actually living it