Travelling in the company of those we love is home in motion.”
In the era of increasing virtual ‘reality’, it is getting easier to connect with people ‘socially’ on social media. But, have we ever thought about connecting or reconnecting with our families? In the fast-paced competitive world, we all are engaged in earning, competing and digitally socializing, leaving our closed ones behind. As we are creating our space in the virtual world, we are neglecting the actual space we are living in.
Here’s where ‘traveling’ and ‘vacations’ comes in. Spending holidays with families can bring back those gone days where we actually enjoy, share the warmth of the family bond, experience adventure and explore new places together and create memories for a lifetime. Solo trips, trip with friends or colleagues have their own place in life, so as family trips too.

Read these exciting benefits of family holidays which will surely tempt you to plan yours as soon as possible –


Digital detox

It is the need of the hour, especially for the younger generation. A digital detox will make you stay away from fictional things and disconnect you from technology for a while. Family holidays are certainly good for digital detox which makes way for exploring natural beauty and environment around you, which perhaps, you didn’t even know existed. And when you are spending time with your dearest ones, you don’t need to keep in touch with many people. Also, ensure that your children are away from social media platforms as well. Keep aside the ‘social media life’ for a few days and enjoy the family outing.


Pre and post happiness

Family holidays give both pre and post-vacation happiness which nothing else can ever substitute. There is a sense of joy as soon as you plan a family trip. Your body also releases ‘happy’ hormones more than normal. This not only increases the excitement but also helps you to release your stress and be more productive at work. Also, your child feels delighted and experiences a sense of contentment which gives positive results. This feeling lasts longer even after the vacation is over. So, give your family and yourself a treat of happiness.


Nurturing of relationship

Everyone needs a break when life gets monotonous, whether s/he is working or is studying. Family holidays break this mundane emotion to set an energetic atmosphere. It helps to bond over your family and related relationships to mutually grow and learn together. It makes you stay away from the every-day stress and have a sense of involvement. Such vacations also build core family values, help understand each other, create tolerance for each other and accept and respect the way you are. Frequent holiday trips with family surely help in nurturing of relationships.



While you are busy in adventure and exploring new places, don’t forget to click some photos as a remembrance of the experience.  But, make sure that you do not click too many of them and are busy just clicking pictures. There must be a balance in everything. Also, do not click with the intention to post it on social media. Rather, collect moments for your family album and for yourself. Stay away from taking too many selfies, as you don’t want to become a narcissist. So, let your inner photographer be born again! After all, photos are the only way of creating nostalgia.


Try new activities

Vacations are equal to new explorations. And when you are with your family, nothing can be safer and comfortable. Family holidays are the synonyms for being relaxed and more open to new ideas. It is the best opportunity for you and your family, to try out something that you haven’t done yet. New activities bring new learning experiences and inculcate good habits. Seek suggestions from your family members and decide each activity to schedule the right vacation.


Educational cum family trip

Utilize your holiday trips with family to turn into an educational tour. As they say, learning can be made easier if taught in a fun way. So, be assured of a great learning experience.

Now that you are familiar with the advantages of family outings, you shouldn’t be waiting for anything to start preparing for your family trip. Enjoy these moments together and celebrate the joy of life to thank for giving you a family. After all, your family is the pillar that always has your back in every phase.
Happy traveling!