Your home is a blank canvas where you can experiment and play with your creative ideas. The way you design your space depends a lot on your taste and aesthetic sense. However, there are a few simple tricks that you can use to enhance the look and overall feel of your abode. For instance, balancing color schemes to create a harmonized look or adding a dramatic touch with proper lighting. Of course, you can customize and make your little additions to leave an imprint of your own personality.

Here are some well-kept tricks of the trade that you can use to transform your house.

Choosing the right color

If you have been there, you would know the long-drawn conversations about choosing the right color. While one member would vote for a certain shade of beige, there would be another one hell-bent on painting the walls blue. The best option is to swatch small sections to see which color looks the best with your existing furniture and decor accents. It is a one-time effort that would reduce your chances of painting the walls all over again. Another tip is to choose a soft or light shade for a small room. This will make the room appear larger than its normal size.

Place mirrors to add more light

Decorative mirrors not only add a touch of glamour but are also functional. Place them at the right angles so that they can reflect as much light as possible. This simple trick will again make your rooms look bigger. If you have large windows in the room, you can place these mirrors right opposite the windows to reflect natural light entering your room. Secondly, mirrors are a more cost-effective way to decorate your walls if you don’t want to invest in pricey art pieces.

Mix it all up

If you have recently bought a new couch, you don’t have to hide away your old decorative items. Instead, mixing textures and old with new will add more character to your space. So, don’t let go of your family heirlooms. Instead, display them with pride as each and every item has an interesting story behind it. These can also become conversation starters when guests arrive at your beautiful home. Moreover, mixing patterns and textures can add some much-needed warmth and character to your space.

Add little pops of color

A monotone setting or matching everything can become boring. You can break the monotony by adding bright colors around your house. You can do this either by using decorative accents or painting an entire wall in a deeper shade. Alternatively, you can color your bookcase in a bright shade as it will be relatively easier to pull off. Other places that you can paint are your foyer walls, ceilings, and mantels. Another simple trick to add pops of color is simply by adding flowers in colorful hues around your house.

Use rugs

One thing that I absolutely love about rugs is their interesting patterns and textures. They can become the focal point in any room with ease. Besides, they add warmth and comfort to your rooms. If you have hardwood floors and don’t want to hide its beautiful texture, you can opt for area rugs. There are endless possibilities when you use area rugs to spruce up your space. For instance, you can use different fabrics of the same color or use multiple rugs of the same pattern. When it comes to art and aesthetics, nothing is right or wrong. Do what goes with your personality because your home is nothing but a reflection of you.

Statement coffee table

Your coffee table can be the star in your living room. You can either get a statement piece or stencil an old one to make a quirky but stand-out piece of art. If you don’t have the budget or time to pull these ideas, simply decorate your coffee table with accessories. You can use whatever you have at home – candles, trays, boxes, flowers, vases, etc. Don’t be afraid to mix these components. You can choose to go elegant or quirky and even change it from time to time.