Winter is all about hot chocolate and warm blankets. But enjoying these special few months should not happen at the cost of your skin! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and taking care of it is thus absolutely important. There may be many scrubs available online and in your nearest grocery store. But most of them are likely to be filled with and made out of materials that are harmful to your skin. From chemicals to other things, they are not what you want to put on your skin during an already harsh season. That’s why it is way better to make scrubs for winters right at home. You can be assured about how good they are for the well being of your skin. By using fresh and clean ingredients, your skin will glow and be soft and supple all through winter. So, let’s look at how to make these scrubs!


Salt and honey


As you may know already, honey is well known for being an emollient. Moreover, raw honey is even more beneficial as it is said to have antibacterial properties as well. Thus, it is used in many scrubs for winters. In this scrub, we will combine the amazing qualities of salt, honey, and vinegar as well. All of them will help in exfoliating your skin but in a gentle way that does not rid your skin of moisture or essential oils. It is quite strong and effective, so it is suggested to not use it on two consecutive days – and maximum thrice in a week.

For this, you have to mix about three tablespoons of raw honey with just a tablespoon of vinegar (apple cider) and sea salt. Make sure the salt is not iodized.


Lemon and grape seed


Grape seed has many advantages to provide – it does not clog your pores, it is rich in linoleic acid, and moreover – it has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

For this excellent winter scrub, you need to mix together a full cup of finely made sea salt with some olive oil, and about 15-20 drops of essential oils of citrus, lime, orange, and grapefruit.

Don’t use it roughly on your skin- apply and remove gently as well. Use a warm and soft cloth to pat your skin dry after rinsing.


Rose petals


The benefits of rose, and especially rose water for the skin are known far and wide. In winter, they will be so helpful for skincare routines.

You have to add about one and a half cup of brown sugar to a cup of coconut oil, some jojoba oil, and a handful of rose petals (they can be pink or red). Mix and store everything in a clean and dry mason jar. Don’t forget to label it properly too. Lastly, make sure you make this scrub a few days before you plan on using it.


Avocado and almond


Avocado pulp has so many benefits. It moisturizes you and the Vitamin E present in it is a great solution for dryness. It is full of fat and makes for a perfect layer of buttery goodness over your skin.

You will need an avocado of medium ripeness. Peel it properly and mash it into a bowl. Now, add around one third a cup of almonds. Grounded almonds will lend the goodness of almond oil too. Finally, add a cup of ground oatmeal to the mix to finish it. If you do not have any almonds with you, hazelnuts make for a great substitute here too.


Lemons and mint


All the dry skin you have been bothered by will be removed with this scrub. Apart from that, the rich coconut oil will give your skin the softness it needs.

Add a three-fourth cup of granulated sugar to a mix of some lemon zest, five drops each of lemon and peppermint essential oils, and of course – half cup coconut oil. Apply the mixture all over your face gently. After a few minutes, rinse everything off completely.


Vanilla and cinnamon


You can use this scrub for your pampering baths on a cold winter night after a long day, or just as a quick fix to make your skin feel good amid the dryness. Surprisingly, it is edible too. You will be mixing about five teaspoons of good quality chai mix to half a cup of sugar, some honey, 5 tablespoons of coconut oil, and two teaspoons of vanilla extract. You can use a combination of brown and granulated sugar too. If you store and pack this one properly in a jar, you can use it for up to a year.


Remember to consult your doctor before using essential oils if you are pregnant or allergic.