The month of December is full of joy. This also happens to be the last month of the year, has the most vacations & parties all over the world and everyone waits for Christmas! While people prefer to spend time with family and go for parties, some prefer to take time off and travel.

What would you feel if we found a way where you could enjoy Christmas and also fulfill your travel dreams? Yes, we have created a list of 6 amazing places spread across the world where you could celebrate Christmas in the best way possible.

Jerusalem, Israel

Our first choice is the holy land of the Christians, Jerusalem! For those who want to feel the Christmas vibe purely, they can visit the holy city and spend time exploring the place and also enjoying the festivities.

When you visit Nazareth in northern Israel, Christmas Eve is celebrated in the grandest way possible with a colorful parade, fireworks and the midnight mass. What we like is that you get the best feeling of Christmas when you’re here. In your free time, you can visit the Hanukkah markets, dine at rooftop lounges and also rest in terrific spas!

Rome, Italy

After Jerusalem, we had to mention Rome and Vatican City. Also considered as the home of Catholicism, this becomes one of the go-to places during Christmas as you can witness the Pope serving the Christmas mass at St. Peter’s Basilica!

What we like about Vatican City is that you will see the whole city celebrate Christmas with vigor and happiness. You can shop at their special Christmas market, go ice skating or even just walk around and explore the city that will be dressed and lit up. Not only the Vatican but also the whole of Rome grandly celebrates Christmas.

North Pole, Alaska

Alaska is cold and yes, they have the North Pole too! If you want to find a town that has adopted the Christmas theme, then this is the place to be. You must surely visit the Santa Claus house here where it is rumored that more than 400,000 letters addressed to Santa Claus will be delivered to this house.

What we like about this special house is that local volunteers will usually respond to every letter making each person happy. You can stay at comfy hotels, explore streets that have been named after popular Christmas accessories and enjoy with all your heart.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

For those who don’t know, San Juan has one of the best events that take place on Noche Buena (Xmas eve) where locals will have a grand party with a huge spread of traditional meaty dinner, cocktails that are part of Christmas and the “parranda” which is a carnival styled party.

What we like about this lively crowd is how they will all join together and enjoy this festival with joy in their hearts. You will see groups singing traditional hymns and enjoying this special night. Hence if you’re looking for an off-beat place, San Juan is the place to visit.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is famously known for “Christ the Redeemer”. During Xmas, this iconic statue is amazingly illuminated with artwork. They also have Lagoa (the world’s largest floating Christmas tree is more than 170 feet tall). You will be amazed to see that this tree will stay lit and float on water until early January.

What we like about Rio is that their weather during this season is quite warm and hence you can wear loose and comfortable clothes, visit bakeries and restaurants serving traditional Brazilian Christmas dinners and enjoy the fireworks too.

Lapland, Finland

Celebrating Christmas in the Arctic Circle is one of the most authentic ways you can celebrate this festival. Rovaniemi, also known as the capital of Lapland is considered to be the official Hometown of Santa Claus.

What we like about this place is that kids and adults both will have an amazing time as the town is in the mood of Christmas. You can enjoy taking rides on snowmobile safaris, with huskies and also look for the Northern lights.

So that’s our list. What’s on your list this Christmas? Comment below and let us know!