Taylor Swift is not your average musician. She’s more than that. With more than 100+ awards and a decade in the music industry, she’s seen her share of drama! Her documentary recently released on Netflix and has been quite stunning!

Directed by Lana Wilson, you will see a never before witnessed version of Taylor as she lives life one day at a time. Her strengths, weaknesses, and thoughts are unfiltered that makes this documentary worth watching if you haven’t already!

For millions of her fans, that haven’t seen Taylor’s documentary yet, we will give you 6 absolute reasons why you must not miss out on “Miss Americana” on Netflix.


She is trying to find the successful formula to remain successful

Throughout the entire documentary, Director Wilson will take us through Taylor and her shows that are sold out and studio sessions. The best part of these sessions will be a few snippets from her house that allows us to see Taylor’s real emotions.

What we like about this documentary is how these videos show a side of Taylor that we’ve never seen right from screaming with joy on opening her Christmas present and even when she and Andrea (mother) wait outside Sony Music’s office for their reaction to her CD.


Where there’s Taylor, you will find Cats

In some way, Cats have always played a big role in Taylor’s life. When you see the documentary, you will see the cats moving around in different frames. In one instance, she’s playing the piano and her cat Benjamin Button can be seen walking on the piano.

What we like about “Miss Americana” is how she gives importance to her cats. They’re like a family and also have a seat reserved at the dinner table. Isn’t that cute enough?


Andrea Swift is the pillar of Taylor’s strength

Mothers are always the force to be reckoned with. Similarly, in Taylor’s life her mother Andrea has worked wonders. She’s always there backstage waiting for her and supports her work always.

What we like about “Miss Americana” is how it displays Andrea’s cancer diagnosis and the impact on Taylor that resulted in her releasing a song “Soon you’ll be better”.


Taylor is a hard worker, 365 days of the year

It’s not easy being a hard worker for 365 days of the year. That’s the difference between a good and best performer. Taylor works hard on each aspect right from her lyrics, to her performance and sometimes even on the ideation of her music videos!

Being Taylor Swift is not easy for Taylor herself but she kicks ass every day and strives to get as good as an artist can get!


Taylor’s Sexual Assault Case

It was in 2013 during a meet and greet event that someone groped Taylor. After she reported him for assault, he sued her and she sued him back for just 1$. The amount didn’t matter as she wanted to stand up for herself and wish every woman speaks up!

What we like about this event is that Taylor has tried her best to ensure that women speak up and don’t stay silent. She does mention how it’s difficult when no one believes in you and hence feels sorry for them!


Her latest song released “Only The Young”

When you see “Miss Americana” there will be a new song that hasn’t been released yet. The song is titled “Only the Young”. This song has been inspired through climate issues and social issues with Taylor asking people to not lose hope and to resist.

What we like about Miss Americana is the reflective and dramatic side of Taylor’s life that we as fans get to witness. If you haven’t seen it already, do check it out on Netflix soon!