Pregnancy is the most precious phase of a woman’s life. She has to go through several physical, hormonal and mental changes in her body that make her sick, weak and fragile. Yoga and physical exercises are a rich source of strength, stamina, and flexibility. Yoga is the essence of balancing the human mind and soul to find the purpose of our lives. Not only this, it is the epitome of maintaining the immunity system and boosting the metabolism of the human body.

Top Yoga Poses Every Pregnant Woman Must Consider

Yoga is a magical force that ensures peace to the pregnant woman and helps in healthy childbirth by maintaining the bone density of the body. In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective yoga postures that are very beneficial for the expected mothers to reduce stress and stretch marks from their lives.


Utkatasana, also known as Child pose, is a useful yogic asana that helps in strengthening thigh and pelvic muscles and creates an easy pathway for the child at the time of delivery. To perform this asana, you need to stand straight with a distance of 12 Inches between your feet and keep them parallel to each other. Then, take a deep breath and raise your hands till shoulders lifting your heels a bit upwards. Exhale the air and sit in the squat pose with flat feet. After that, breathe in and again raise your hands and stand straight on your heels.


This yoga posture has a plethora of benefits. It not only massages the legs, spine, hands, and neck but also contracts the abdominal organs. Vajrasana also stretches your body and helps the wound to grow healthier without causing any harm to the other organs. To do this, sit in an erected position and reach your feet. Now, breathe in and raise your arms facing downwards. Then, waist your waist to the other side while exhaling the air from your body. Inhale and move back on the center and repeat this exercise on the other side.


Bhadrasana popularly known as butterfly pose is an effective exercise that helps in the effective functioning of the large intestine and the urinary bladder. It not only strengthens the inner thighs but also provides flexibility to the pelvic region. For performing this posture, you need to sit in a comfortable position keeping your legs straight. Now, join your feet together and keep your legs in contact. Make sure that you sit straight without leaning forward and place your hands on your knees. Slightly move your knees to cause a bit of stretch on your thighs and repeat this exercise.


Trikonasana is a crucial yogic exercise that not only maintains the shape of the belly but also keeps the fat under control. It makes the waist more flexible to move and function without causing any fatigue. To perform this asana. You have to stand with 24 inches feet apart. Then, raise your hands and keep your elbows straight. Breathe in and give a beautiful side stretch leaning to the left. Now breathe out and return to the previous position. Repeat this exercise on the right side as well.


The mountain pose improves the body posture and relieves the backaches, headaches and all kinds of mental stress and tension. To do this, Stand straight with your feet wide open and inhale. Then, join your hands and make Namaste. Try to hold on to this position and bring your hands to the side with your palms facing the situation upward. Thus, Parvatasana helps in soothing the mind by alienating depression and stress and develops balance and coordination in the mind. This posture acts as a foundation standing yogic asana in the Sun Salutation rewarding the body, mind and soul with natural pleasures.

All of these yogic postures are the key essentials for a healthy delivery of the mother to be. They not only detoxify the stress and fat in the form of sweat but also ensures the healthy growth of the baby in the wound. So, try them all and let us know in the comment section about its effects.