Sex Education is the need of the hour in the 21st century. Don’t believe us? We are already more than 7.7 billion people on Earth i.e. 7,760,956,500+ and increasing. If you’re worried about our growing number and how Earth can satisfy our needs, then every teenager & adult needs to know more about “Sex Education”.

Netflix started a TV series titled “Sex Education” in a light-hearted way but directly aimed at informing teenagers about matters related to sex. While it’s good for teenagers, adults too showed an amazing response to this series. So what it is about?

The series follows the story of an awkward teenager whose mother happens to be a sex therapist. Living in the same house gave this teenager all possible information on Sex and hence becomes an expert! You will see tons of serious topics like female masturbation, sexual feelings, homophobia and talking about the things you want in this series.

Overall, Sex Education is made with so much detail that you must not miss and hence we will give you 5 true reasons why you must watch it on Netflix.


Attention to detail and beautifully shot episodes

What makes a series amazing? Usually, shows that are created with attention to detail and shot beautifully are remembered by the audience. Sex Education has a strong plot, attention to detail and even shot beautifully that you will remember these episodes.

What we like about Sex Education is how they’ve taken a lot of time and effort into creating a masterpiece of a story like this.


The cast is outstanding

No good plot can work wonders without an outstanding cast. The cast of Sex Education is amazing. We give special consideration for Gillian Anderson who plays the main character’s sex therapist mom. After each episode, you will fall in love with her even more. Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey too play their roles to the hilt.

What we like about Sex Education is that they have brought a lot of fresh faces and have got their casting decision to the point.


Sex Education is more educational FYI

The show revolves around a boy whose mother is a sex therapist. Naturally, he picks up a lot of learning from her profession. He then uses this knowledge to give sex and relationship advice to students from his school. Through this series, you will see so many doubts that teenagers have that any youth can relate with.

What we like about this series is how it’s so fresh that you can relate to stories when you were young and had these sexual doubts.


There’s an episode on Abortion that is a must-watch

Abortion is one of the most serious and even controversial topics. Makers of series and movies often take a safe route while showing this via a story. In Sex Education you will see a new version of them all. There’s a scene where the girl has to decide if she wants to have the baby or not.

What we like about this series is how they have portrayed abortion and shown the real-time effect on people’s behavior.


The Diversity

Sex Education is not just for people belonging to a specific race, gender or community. It’s for every ethnic background and even the LGBTQ community. Their stories are progressive and hence you’ll always feel good watching each story get an ending.

What we like about Sex Education is how they have diversified with their casting in such a way that no community feels cornered, picked on or hurt.


These are our 5 reasons why we think Sex Education must be on your teenager’s playlist. Their second season just came out recently. So go watch it ASAP!