We are approaching the end of the year, or say, a new year with just a few days left. Everyone is planning their new year resolutions, half of which are left unfulfilled and are passed on to next year as well. Thus, New Year’s resolutions should be such that they can be fulfilled easily and you can plan for the next ones without any hassle. So, why not prepare achievable resolutions for a smooth life?

Given below are some of the best tips and ideas for your New Year resolutions that will be easier to keep–

Health before wealth 

Enough of thinking and making money, your health is equally important. After all, if you are not healthy, prone to diseases and have a weak immune system, all your earned money will go in paying your health expenses. Nobody would want that. So, better to prioritize health and start exercising regularly. If you already do, then maintain the same, as you’re absolutely aware of the benefits.
There is no harm in giving time to your mental and physical health. Eating healthy and exercising regularly not only increases your metabolism and strength but also prevents diseases and gives added advantages.
“I will shed those extra inches off”, “I will continue exercising regularly” can be suitable, to begin with, the resolutions.


Food resolutions

“You are what you eat!” Certainly!
If you eat a lot of junk food, with no amount of exercise, then there is no doubt in believing that you might also look like ‘junk’. There is a reason why this oily, unhealthy, spicy, etc. food is referred to as ‘junk’.
When you feel happy, you go out and eat to celebrate; when you are depressed, you want to have food as much as you can; it is only when you’re angry then you ‘may’ avoid eating, which is not good. What to do then?
Simple! Take up the “only healthy food” new year resolution to ease all your problems. You’ll definitely see the visible change once you successfully complete the resolution.



Life is unpredictable, so, you must be ready to face any and every challenge life throws at you. Surely, you’re not a machine and doest get affected when things are not working your way. But, remaining positive can keep hope and meaning alive. Staying positive, no matter what the situation is, is one of the best new year resolutions which must be tried by everyone. It will give you the inner strength to fight against all odds and come out in flying colors. Optimism turns problems into opportunities which in turn helps to maintain a balance in every aspect of life.


Healthy social surroundings

You may not be able to see or notice, but your character and behavior build based upon your social surroundings, the kind of relationships you share with people, friends, and family. Toxic relations deteriorate your personality and potential to grow as an individual. You start de-motivating yourself and let negativity consume you. It is time now, to take this new year’s resolution to cut off from such relations and hold on the ones which inspire you to be empowered. Healthy relations are beneficial for your mental health which helps you lead a smooth life. Once you are aware of yourself, you are aware of your social contacts which are mutually effective.


Stop worrying much

There are many more important things to focus on life than worrying about worthless things. Some things are not worth giving time, and therefore, must not be given any of your valuable time. Take this resolution to worry less and give yourself at least half an hour to recap, unwind, learn a new hobby and relax. You’ll see noticeable change leading to a smooth life. This will surely lead to the best results and you will have a stress-free year where you can easily enjoy your time in different activities without any hassle.

Some Final Words

With these resolutions, start your year as a gift that should be thanked for. As they say, you should never miss any chance or opportunity which is offered again and again, and make the best use of it. So, gear up for new and exciting experiences ahead with the brand new year coming soon.