Being a solo traveler is potentially scary yet an accomplishing experience. Preparation is key to overcome fear. If you are a first-time solo traveler and do not know where to start from, here are some tips for you to have a safe and sound trip:

 Pack Light

To have a smoother experience while traveling, pack light. This does not mean that you should skip packing your clothes and essentials. It just simply means to rank things according to their use and importance. You should also consider your budget while packing. Pack according to the length of the trip, know what are the essentials that you will need. Also, pack while considering the place you are going to visit (town, city, beach, hill station, etc.) so that you pack suitable gear and clothes accordingly. 

In fact, there is a lot more to this. Firstly, you do not want to be dragging your luggage while getting around as this will make your trip worse and burdening. Secondly, you don’t want to have bad back pain in the middle of your trip. Lastly, having a lighter backpack makes the experience easier and smooth. It makes it easier for you in public transport and helps skip baggage counters. 

When you are packing light, do not abandon the functionality for fashion because it is not worth it. But there are some considerations that you will have to make for certain countries that you visit. For instance, you have to wear more appropriate clothes in sacred places. This is something that travelers should consider when going to foreign lands with different cultures. 

Stay in Hostels

When you travel alone for the first time, it is normal to feel nervous. It can be scary to talk to random strangers. But sometimes, if you meet the right people, it could be life-changing. So, when planning for accommodation, opt for hostels instead of hotels as it will make it easier for you to socialize. 

You can find various types of hostels that you are comfortable with. They could be private rooms in the hostel or dorms, some even have deluxe-type guesthouses or modest hotels with communal setups. A number of those hostels also organize parties, tours and many more social events that will help you to loosen up and get to know other solo travelers.

Blend In

As mentioned earlier, there are some places with different cultures and perspectives on clothing styles. For women to avoid unwanted attention, dress according to the styles in that particular area. Having a touristy or a flashy look will attract thieves and scammers. Dressing according to the culture there not only keeps you away from danger but also helps you to engage with the locals and have a more realistic and engaging experience. Just do a bit of research while leaving for a trip to a certain place. 

Be Present in your Photos

Enjoying what you see and having a great experience is important on a trip. But there is a time for everything. When you go back home from your vacation you will have these photos to remember the experience by looking at certain beautiful moments of happiness that you have captured. Be present in the photos as it makes the image unique and adds more to the scene. Take a shot, put the camera away and experience the moment.

Be Mindful of Your Money and Safety

When you travel alone, you are prone to all the mishappenings. From medical emergencies, surcharges to missed flights and natural disasters. To have a safety bubble and be less affected by this physically and financially, having travel insurance and extra cash will help. Before leaving, ensure your family & friends know about the trip and keep their number on you at all times. 

Wrap Up

Understand that you need to rely on yourself when you travel alone, but keep emergency contacts ready. Always be realistic when it comes to money and what you need. Keep your cards, cash and traveler’s checks in different compartments hidden in your bag. Lastly, be prepared to spend more cash as some places only accept cash. All-in-all, enjoy and keep roaming!