When we say Halloween, we think of ghosts, spooky spirits and also haunted houses. America has its history with haunted houses as we have witnessed in movies. Now, these houses have become so popular that there are tours and shows created especially for people who want to encounter paranormal spirits or simply enjoy ghost hunting.

Halloween is just around the corner and hence we thought to add some spice by sharing a list of 5 spooky destinations in America where you can have surprising paranormal encounters and become Halloween ready!

Eastern State Penitentiary: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The first spooky house used to be the biggest penitentiary in America back in 1829. The first sightings of ghosts were reported in the early 1940s. Since then many people have claimed that they could see ghosts. There are more than dozens of paranormal investigation teams that study this site.

Now, this abandoned prison is home to “Terror Behind the Walls” which is a unique ghost-themed attraction designed for those who love the thrill. So this Halloween if you want a paranormal rush, you know where to go!


Moundsville, West Virginia:

Named after a Native American tomb that’s more than 2000 years old, Moundville is home to West Virginia State Penitentiary built-in 1866 which has witnessed riots, fires and murders too.

Using their local history as a key attraction, you can visit this place during Halloween and go for a haunted house walk to have chilly experiences. Who knows if you’re lucky, you might encounter some ghost too!


Whaley House: San Diego, California


The Whaley House was one of San Diego’s most iconic places as it happened to be their first-ever commercial theatre. Back in the 1850’s, this was home to Whaley Family. The ghost sightings were first reported by few members of the Whaley family who claim to have heard steps of a man believed to be executed on the property before the house was built.

Now, Whaley House has a ghost hunting tour for people who want to have their fill of ghost experiences. It is open to ages 12 and above and runs for a full 90 minutes.  They also teach you a few tricks about paranormal investigations using a few techniques. Since Halloween is around the corner, be assured they will run spooky events all month until the night of Halloween!


The Stanley Hotel: Estes Park, Colorado



Who said all ghosts are bad? Some can be good as well! When you ask the employees at the Stanley Hotel, they’ll only mention about the “happy ghosts” here who used to be the founders of the hotel and also few employees who died.

This property is more than 100 years old and continues to draw guests who swear that they spoke to the deceased owners and they also helped them. You can tour the hotel anytime. If you come at night, then the ghost tour will be discounted for you! So if you wish to see the ghosts of the owners, you know where to go!


Wilder, Kentucky

Halloween here is more on the wilder side. Bobby Mackey’s Music World is rumoured to have been built on what once was a slaughterhouse. There are rumours of murders and suicides which gives this place danger and spooky signboard!

Visit Gate to Hell which was once the basement of Bobby Mackey’s Club! There are trick or treat trails and many more haunted attractions all throughout Halloween. So if you are a wild one, this is where you can go!

There were few more places which didn’t make the final list like Casper Wyoming and Killen, Alabama but if you happen to be celebrating Halloween in America, be rest assured: There’s a lot of spooky material waiting for you!