Isn’t fall the most beautiful season? It is a magical time when beauty surrounds you in all its glory. Fall marks the onset of crisp weather and is just the perfect time between sultry summers and chilly winters. You can step out in the parks to enjoy your evening runs and relish that slightly cold wind on your face. It is also the time to bring out your light cool sweaters and enjoy hot chocolate before bedtime. Fall is also the beginning of the festive season that you so eagerly wait for.

With decor specially curated around fall, you can bring the coziness inside your four walls and savor the weather even more. To make your home fall-ready, you can implement simple ideas without breaking your bank. Here is a list of such simple ideas.

Wreath for your front door

Adorn your front door with a gorgeous wreath to express your love for the season and welcome fall with open arms. Make sure you add lots of fall-colors such as orange, green, purple, red, etc. You can add simple items like mums, small cabbage plants and ornaments to make your own wreath. Add some pine cones and a few branches for a more rustic look. Oh, and do not forget to add orange or white pumpkins to elevate the look.


Decorate your front porch to welcome the guests into your warm abode. Place large pumpkins and lanterns around your doorstep and the stairway. Bring out your porch chairs and throw your blankets over them. It is also the right time to put your string lights around in your front yard to add some more warmth

Use different textures

Fall is the time for chunky textures. So get all those knitted cushion covers and blankets out of the closet. It is the time to bury yourself under them and enjoy your Saturday night movies at home. Another fall favorite is plaid and you can never have it enough. You can use your plaid stole as a throw or simply toss your plaid muffler on the couch. If you are up for it, invest in a nice plaid table runner and matching cushions. Another good option is to include lots of jute or burlap around the house. If chunky textiles do not match your taste, opt for warm colors such as oranges, reds and the darkest shades of mustard in velvets and silks.

Select a focal point

Before your enthusiasm gets the better of you, select an area in your house that will become the focal point of your fall decor. It could be your mantle or foyer or your dining table. Select a point that will be easily visible to your guests. Depending upon the space you get, start imagining a lavish fall decor. If it’s your dining table, you can use the entire length of the table and spread little knick-knacks throughout the table. If it’s your foyer table which is relatively smaller, you can use height to your advantage. Use tall twigs and branches to give more height to your centerpiece. You can use plenty of pine cones, acorns, and candles in your fall decoration. If it’s your mantle, do not forget to include some family pictures to spread some love in the air. A simple DIY is to make a leaf garland for your mantle. You can find various templates online for this small activity.

Small displays

Instead of one large piece, you can opt for small displays around your house. For instance, you can display apples in glass bowls on your dining table. Another option is to fill a glass jar with string lights or pine corns. You can also make a beautiful assortment of little items on decorative trays for your side tables. Do not shy away from using your pumpkins. Whether they are porcelain pumpkins or glass pumpkins, small pumpkins or large punkins. Take them all out and see the magic unfold.