Puffy eyes or dark circles can really bring down your look for the day. Even if you are feeling fairly good, the endless inquiries of “Are you okay?” can get tiresome. Waking up with puffy eyes is thus quite a burden. If you are looking for a way to deal with them, we have just the article for you. Go through these five excellent tips and you can bid farewell to those puffy eyes!


Drink water – loads of it

 The science behind puffy eyes tells us something very useful. Puffy eyes are caused due to the retention of water. That, in turn, is caused by an unusual amount of concentration of salt around our eyes. If we’ve had a particularly salty dinner, or even cried ourselves to sleep, chances are that we will wake up with puffy eyes. Therefore, to prevent that, you can drink water (around two glasses is enough) before you go to bed, and when you wake up too.

This water will help in flushing out the excess salts as well as in reducing puffiness. And that is why consuming dehydrating substances can also lead to puffy eyes. You can avoid that by having less of these substances, like coffee and alcohol.


Give your eyes the cold treatment

Applying something cold to our eyes to treat puffiness is a very common and easy method. There are three ways to go about it. Firstly, you can simply cut up two circular pieces of cool cucumber and put them on your eyes. Lie back and wait until they turn warm. If you do not have cucumbers, you can try this with tea bags or metal spoons too.

For both of these, you have to place them in the fridge and wait until they get cold enough. Put them on your eyes and relax for the next ten to fifteen minutes. Using the back of the spoon option is the least messy of them all.


Try these three things

There are substances and products like astringent, potatoes, and Preparation-H that you can use to solve the problem of puffy eyes. Astringent creams or tonics work because they tighten the area around the puffiness. You can dip some in a cotton ball and put it on your eyes. Wait for around ten minutes before rinsing your face. You can even use strawberries as a substitute here.

Potatoes are also said to be astringent like properties – you can apply the slices on your eyes for ten minutes or so. If you find that the swelling is unusually high, you can dab a drop or two of Preparation-H around your eyes to decrease it.


Be gentle to your face

The chemicals that we put on our face can also damage our skin and cause puffiness. Thus, making sure that the products we are using are safe, gentle, and nourishing is very important. When you come home after a long day and are wearing makeup, it is very necessary to remove it before you sleep. And while doing that, remember to use coconut oil or other removers so that the make-up can be taken off easily and without the need to rub excessively. Moisturize the area around your eyes. When you wash your face, splash water, and pat it dries gently.


Reduce stress and sleep more

By eliminating the many sources of stress that we face in our day to day life, we can also see eliminating puffiness around our eyes. Stress can be reduced by being more disciplined with our time, planning things well, etc. Reduced stress will, in turn, let you sleep more quickly and restfully. Achieving this is definitely not a one day task – it requires a lot of thought and effort. You can start by doing yoga, meditation, and exercises that train us to control our breathing patterns.


 Some Final Words

Now that you know these five tips, you will not have to rely on just makeup to hide puffy eyes, you can actually make them go away! And if they still persist, consult your doctor to know more, but know this before: your life and personality are bigger than the areas around your eyes!