We often get the jitters. This new guy I’m dating wants it slow and steamy with a bit of Beethoven at the background in the candlelit room; whereas my ex always wanted it wild and lusty.

We all fancy that our bedmates would make love the way we want. But most of the times we end up disappointed. You and your partner might share two completely different sex languages. Hence you two might want sex in two different ways.

Sex language is the fascinating idea that Dr. Weiss talks about. According to him, each one of us goes by a different sex language. And that particular sex language decides how we may want it in bed.

Sex language 1- Fun

The fun sex language person enjoys being spontaneous and creative with their partner. They like to experiment with sex at new locations. It might be in an open space, say on the terrace. Or some tourist spot that you two are visiting together. If your partner is the ‘fun’ type, keep the planners away. Just get ready to explore the unknown.

Sex language 2- Desire

Such people love to be sought after. The more their partner pursues and craves sexually, the more excited they get. They like to plan the day and time of the sexual escapade. This person enjoys anticipation involved.

Sex language 3- Pleasure

These are people who prioritize their partners’ wants and want to see them pleased. They are always ready to explore anything new that the partner seeks. They are the ones who are never tired of asking you how well it went.

Sex language 4- Patience

Here’s the calm one burning deep inside. He wants to go slow. A bit of chitchat before and after the sex is what he/she enjoys. Feeling the warm proximity with the partner, even a bit of gentle massage is all that this person covets in bed.

Sex language 5- Acceptance/Celebration type

These want to be appreciated not only sexually but for what they are. And that is what makes them sexually more inclined to you. They want to be accepted, and you must go on telling them how much they mean to you and not only sexually.

Wondering which one you are and which one your partner might be! Why not talk it out with him? Why not you both spend some time thinking what out of these five excites you most and therefore strike a balance with your partner accordingly?

Speak the right sex language with your partner, and you will see your heart speaking wonders.

By Tanmoy Biswas

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