Happiness is a feeling that all is happening good, positive and pleasant. It can’t be bought, learned, worn, traveled to nor owned. It’s a state of mind that can only be felt. But many people haven’t yet realized it. Happiness is often thought like some physical object or material that can be possessed or found or snatched. It is something that must be cultivated within us than search for it in our surroundings. When people realize that happiness is isn’t ready-made, but it is a result of one’s own action, they move gradually near to it.

Thus, now learning that the key to happiness is in one’s own pocket, one must decide upon what actions one should undertake. Studies have found that people try to find the meaning and purpose of life are more likely to be happy than people running behind temporary pleasures. So, it’s high time for us to decide who we are and what we are up to which would help us lead a happy life.

We can’t change the things in our life but we can definitely change our view towards them. We can’t expect the best of things to happen in our life in all stages. But, our response to things in life can be made better and the best. Moreover, few secrets would help us in Maximising our happiness such as:


Set Goals That You Want To Achieve

People today tie themselves to materialistic possessions or people. They never tie themselves to their goals. Only goals make one’s life meaningful. What we say, who we are doesn’t matter. Rather, our goals and actions towards them matter. They speak a lot. Many people today feel lost. They wander in an apparent world and when exposed to harsh ground reality, it hurts them. Thus, the first step in having maximum happiness requires that one should live for a meaningful purpose than running behind transient things.  One must add color to one’s life by not being the best but at least trying their best – for their passion and desired life.


Cherish Relationships And Enjoy Them

The greatest pleasure is the pleasure of sharing. Happiness doubles when shared with people. Thus a major step in having the utmost happiness is having genuine true relationships with family and friends. Such people would be there in our hard times to half our worries. Thus, having cherishing relationships is also a key step in having maximum happiness.


Create Thoughts Into Real Actions

Thoughts turn into words and words, in turn, change into actions. Thus the building block of our lives are thoughts which if controlled, are always beneficial. Thus, thoughts filled with gratitude, faith, trust, and positivity make us love our life more and in turn, make us happier.


Acceptance To Changes Around You

The world wouldn’t be flexible for us. But we can become flexible in the world. We can’t change everything around us. But we can be patient, instead of bursting out all the time and working our level best to handle all situations.  Living and dreaming of the apparent world and expecting doesn’t work. Understanding the practical reality, feeling satisfied for having so much in life makes us grateful and happy to the core.


Be Thankful To Others

One must appreciate how much we already possess.  Being grateful, makes one have contentment and calmness and helps in being composed. It eventually converts into genuine happiness that maximizes over time. Gratitude improves relationship into a better form and makes moments as memories.


Some Final words

Happiness is being in harmony between man and the life he leads. Though one is so successful and so perfect in one’s life, he or she is not able to be happy in all stages of life. Even the most beautiful moments of one’s life stories are sure to be stained with at least some tides of anguish and sadness. Thus, happiness becomes a breeze we can enjoy at certain times. But the moments of pain and sadness are like the air we breathe. For survival, we must do breathing. Likewise, we need to accept, acknowledge and tide across a few things and maximize our happiness with the aforementioned methods. Congratulations, you’ll surely live a happy life ahead!