We’re sure you’ve heard of Veganism. This is a lifestyle that has taken the entire world by storm. Every year, a rising number of people turn to Veganism. There are so many reasons for you to try this lifestyle as well. But first, a quick look at what veganism really is. A lot of people tend to confuse being a Vegan with being a Vegetarian when actually these are both very different from each other. Vegetarians are people who don’t eat meat. 

For Vegans, animal consumption restrictions are not just limited to meat. If the making of a product involves anything sourced from animals, vegans do not use it. So, it’s not just meat and eggs that are avoided. It’s also dairy, honey, and gelatin. Sometimes, even soaps and clothes are manufactured through animals, and vegans will avoid those as well. 

Here are 5 reasons you should adopt a vegan lifestyle.


To Increase Your Nutrient Consumption

For most people, the biggest concern about a Vegan diet is whether it will allow sufficient nutrient intake or not. The truth is, a Vegan diet if planned properly can actually increase the nutrient intake. When we eliminate meat products from the diet we replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, etc. These increase the body’s intake of fiber, potassium, folate, Vitamins (A, C, and E), magnesium, and antioxidants. Taking a B12 supplement is all you need on a Vegan diet, and you will be healthier and better nourished than before.


To Improve Your Kidney Function and Lower Blood Pressure

For people suffering from declining kidney function or Type 2 diabetes, Going Vegan can be a major lifestyle improvement. Studies have shown that a Vegan diet works better for reducing blood sugar levels. A comparison was done with the recommended diet from the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP), the American Heart Association (AHA), and the American Diabetes Association.

A study was conducted on a group of subjects taking medication to lower blood sugar levels. 43% of the subjects who followed a Vegan diet witnessed improvement. The dosage of their medication was reduced. On the other hand, only 26% of the subjects following the diet recommendations by ADA were able to see similar results


To Reduce Your Animal Fat Consumption

When one switches to a Vegan diet, they eliminate animal fat from the diet. Animal fat has been linked to a large number of health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and even some cancers. Harmful chemicals make their way into the environment. These affect animals too, entering their bodies through their food and water. So when we consume their meat and produce, these chemicals enter our bodies as well. It is often these that cause life-threatening cancers. 

Plant-based fats, on the other hand, have lesser of such risks and don’t increase your cholesterol levels either.


To Help the Environment

We’re sure you’ve heard or read about the worsening climate conditions. One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is by avoiding animal products. The rearing of animals for commercial purposes is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. A large chunk of precious and limited resources are used up, and more often, wasted. You can prevent emissions and reduce wastage of resources by going Vegan.

To Lose the Extra Pounds

If you’ve put on weight and the usual diets aren’t working, here’s a solution. Turning Vegan may be the perfect lifestyle change you need. As we said, animal products like meat and milk hold more fat than fresh fruits and vegetables do. So cutting off animal products will immediately reduce your animal fat intake. This will help you lose those extra pounds that make your jeans tighter.


Ask any Vegan. They’ll immediately tell you that they felt a lot more energetic and healthy within weeks of shifting to this lifestyle. Give it a try, why don’t you!