There’s something about the future that intrigues us all. If you add a post-apocalyptic world then you have our attention for sure. “The 100” is a story of Earth, 97 years after a nuclear war wiped out all life forms! But the catch here is similar to the movie “2012” where 12 countries joined forces and created a spaceship titled “The Ark” where they would survive and continue living.

Fast forward a few years, the Ark cannot sustain the population and hence they send down “100 youth prisoners” below 18 years of age to test if the Earth is still breathable and livable for mankind.

There is no spoiler as all of this happens in the first episode itself. But that’s not all. This story is much more and hence we will give you 5 amazing reasons why you must watch The 100!

New season, New challenges

For people who watch TV series regularly, one thing that they might complain about after some point of time is that the same thing repeats itself each season. But don’t worry as “The 100” is not like them. Right from the first episode, the show will grab your attention in ways you cannot imagine.

What we like is that even though there’s something new each season, when there’s a back-story, they will weave it so well that you will be amazed. They have done a fantastic job in directing each season and you surely will love them!

Character development

We have also noticed that most of the TV series will fail to develop a character over time in some seasons. But “The 100” is not one of those shows. The character development of each character is very good. They are very unpredictable and hence if you think you’ve figured out which character is good or bad, then we must warn you, that soon you will be shocked.

What we like about “The 100” is that they show how a human being changes with each situation and hence that makes them look like us. You will love them sometimes and also hate them too but they’ll always be on your mind.

  Your Favorite Character will ___________?

The best part about “The 100” is that the makers will keep you guessing about each character’s future. Will they fall in love? Will they fight? Will they die? Etc. It’s not necessary like in Game of Thrones where each character loved by all would end up dying!

But that’s what makes “The 100” an edge of your seat type thriller. You will always think of theories but still will pray that your character doesn’t meet a dead end!

True Emotions

“The 100” has everything. You will see friendship, love, romance, war and even death. But what makes this show special is how they have shown true emotions and feelings of each character. At some point, you will be touched with these feelings. You’ll feel bad when someone dies and also when there’s a heartbreak!

What we liked about them is simply the feelings displayed by each character. As we said, it feels so real that you connect with them in many situations.


We have kept this point as last plainly because this is the most important reason for this list. The plot is so catchy that you will not be able to stop watching all the episodes across 6 seasons. We must also tell you that the makers have really invested well in the set, the area and also in new languages that make “The 100” one unique show.

You must also know that this series has been inspired by a book by Kass Morgan titled “The 100”. So if you’re into books, you can read this first and then watch the series. Don’t worry. You won’t be disappointed at all!


“The 100” just completed its 6th season and you’ll be happy to know that there’s a 7th season on the way. This, however, will be the last season which will mean “The 100” will finish with a total of 100 episodes. How ironic no?

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