When we think about “Joker” all we can remember is this awesome character in the “Batman” movies that arguably got the better of Batman and had a fan following of his own! After the late Heath Ledger recreated “the Joker” and won an academy award for it, we never expected to see anyone else do this role.

Fast forward many years, Joaquin Phoenix is all set to play this iconic character which will release on October 4. The “Joker” movie has been creating a buzz and everyone is excited to watch it. We will give you 5 solid full proof reasons why you must watch this movie no matter what!

  1. A unique stand-alone story

Most of us are used to watching many stars in a shared universe kind of a setting. Some of us also like movies which don’t have prequels or sequels. These are unique stories that explain themselves from start to finish. This means you will see the beginning and the end and there will be an amazing conclusion which will keep you hanging at the edge of your seats.

  1. Amazing set of performers:

A movie doesn’t always need a stellar cast or a good story to become a hit. All it needs is the combination of both and when that happens, you will be amazed. We won’t deny that whatever we’ve heard about the movie does make us excited. We also won’t deny that the cast has some top-class performers like multiple Oscar winner Robert De Niro (Talk show host), Frances Conroy (Joker’s Mom) has won a Golden Globe, Zazie Beetz Joker’s love interest) and Brian Henry (Nurse) have been nominated for the Emmy’s.

  1. The trailer has hidden what the movie will unravel

Today most of the movies will show a lot of the movie within the trailer. This takes away the shine and surprise element away. Rare have we seen movie trailers that don’t show much about the movie but still get the attention of all audiences. Joker is one of those movies that through the trailer have already made an impact. People are waiting to see what the movie has to offer. We believe that they haven’t shown a lot of the story and we all are going to be very surprised in the theatre!

  1. Expect this movie to be a thriller and not just an origin story

We did notice that few movie enthusiasts think this is an origin story and we will see the reason why Arthur Fleck becomes Joker! But that’s not all. The movie is not simply an origin story. You can expect this to be the best thriller movie in 2019. There’s going to be a lot of drama, a lot of laughter and a chance to see what happens in the human mind because of mental illness. We will see the lengths that one man can go to ensure that the world listens to him and remembers him.

  1. DC Films will be seen in a brand new way

Quite recently DC Films earned more flak than praises. But with “Joker” they will be seen in a brand new avatar. DC Films will be doing a lot more of standalone stories which will keep audiences coming back to them always. This does not mean that they won’t be working on all the superhero movies but they’ve added a new feather to their cap!

If you haven’t read the papers or checked out reviews, be it known that Joker has already won few awards and a standing ovation in multiple Film festivals. Being touted as the next movie to win an Oscar, we feel we are in for a treat on October 4.

So tell us dear audience, will you watch the Joker again in theatres? Comment your answers below and let us know what you think about this movie.

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