When you think about Greece, the one place that comes to your mind is Mykonos. Yes, this town is one of those old school places which is historically beautiful and is completely in shades of white! The weather is bearable, there’s a party vibe and also is perfect for a holiday destination!

Here are 5 reasons why you must travel to Mykonos, Greece soon!

Beaches, Beaches everywhere!

You visit a beach in Mykonos and the first thing you’ll notice is the crystal clear waters. The experience of swimming in these waters is next to none. The golden sands on the Ornos beach will mesmerize you in different ways. You can enjoy the calm waters and capture some amazing moments.

What we liked about the beaches in Mykonos is the party scenes on the beaches. Once the clock crosses 4 pm, you will see the DJ spin tunes on Paradise, Paraga and super paradise beaches where the scene is chill and you can be in as minimal clothing as possible.

Stay like a King/Queen


If you want to feel luxury, Mykonos can arrange that for you. There are luxurious accommodations in hotels that provide amazing service. Staying in such places you can get beautiful views of Mykonos.

What we like about the stays here is that you can also opt for private villas that have their own space and private pools which means you don’t need to share pool space with anyone! Sit back and enjoy the sunsets here. They’re cool.

Instagram worthy pictures

Beaches are out of the world, houses are full of white colors and colorful doors! What else would you need to get that perfect Instagram worthy picture? When you walk in Mykonos, there will be hundreds of opportunities to click pictures. For those who love Instagram and other social media sharing apps, this place is where dreams come true.

What we like about this place is that it will give you multiple moments to capture breathtaking pictures. On every corner, many pictures are waiting for you to be clicked like the Mykonos windmills that date back to the 16th century, houses in Chora, Ios that go back to the 18th century and also the Armenistis Lighthouse.

P.S – We ardently request you to click all pictures without hampering public property. You can always get good shots without climbing on people’s houses or the local churches.

Yummy-Licious food

Mykonos just doesn’t have picture-perfect beaches and beautiful looking lighthouses but also lip-smacking food which is just too good. Whether it’s the local Greek cuisine or the modern ones, they have it all. We suggest you try the local street food like the pastitsio, gyros, spicy cheese and many meat-based dishes.

For those who love seafood, Mykonos has the best products as there is fresh seafood every day being served. You can also try rare delicacies like the octopus. What we like about Mykonos is that not only is the place good but also is their food too tasty.

Perfect for Budget Travelers

Lastly, we want to mention that Mykonos is loved by many travelers all over the world simply for its budget-friendly experience. If you happen to visit any other area apart from Mykonos, you will end up paying a lot of money. Here you can get the best deals online and book holiday packages for saving money and booking a lot of experiences is possible.

What we like about Mykonos is because of its popularity, you can get exclusive deals online whether it’s for airfare or even for stay and attractions. The costing is low as compared to other destinations around hence making this one budget-friendly place.

Overall, Mykonos is best visited around Early April or Late September as that’s the offseason. Visiting during June or August is peak season and you will get the best crowd and party scenes but you will also have to shell out a lot of money. So choose wisely.

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