War movies always are an experience that people remember. This is because more than the storyline and casting, people get to witness a war field where life and death exchange hands every minute.

The movie “12 Strong” can be found on Netflix and even after a year is still in its trending list. That speaks volumes about the kind of story we can expect. The story is based on a bestselling non-fiction book written by Doug Stanton titled “Horse Soldiers” that tells about a special forces team belonging to the USA who get assigned in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban forces post 9/11 event.

12 Strong is a war movie that is quite realistic and shows something uniquely than every other war movie. Can you guess what that is? It’s simple. Just read our post below and within 5 reasons we’ll tell you what makes 12 strong a unique war movie.


The casting is full of stars

Like any war movie, you can clearly expect an amazing cast in “12 Strong”. It stars the strongest avenger “Chris Hemsworth” and other notable stars like Michael Pena, William Fichtner, Michael Shannon, etc. The level of experience and acting that these guys have delivered in the movie is notable.

What we like about “12 Strong” is how they’ve showcased experienced actors and the end result has been more than satisfactory. You will like each character and the actor playing the role too!


Kudos to their writers for a splendid story

Content is king! The makers of “12 Strong” did keep this in mind and got writers that have done a fantastic job. These people might not be well known but don’t be surprised when you see their resume. Peter Craig & Ted Tally have some notable movies in their kitty with Tally working for “The Silence of The Lambs” and Craig writing for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay”.

What we like about the makers is how they’ve chosen amazing writers to bring in an amazing story. With Craig & Tally’s writing skills, “12 Strong” surely turned out to be a gem!


“12 Strong” is authentic to the hilt

Authenticity is what everyone in the 21st century craves for. Whether it’s food or movies, everyone loves authenticity. So rejoice as we are happy to inform you that “12 Strong” is as authentic of a movie as humanly possible. The makers have left no stone unturned in showing a pure and true war story. They’ve used real tanks to show the power and reality on the battlefield.

What we like about the makers of “12 Strong” is how they chose the authentic way to make a movie and not worrying about cutting costs. It is this attitude that has helped them gain recognition!


Real-life couple Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are together on screen for the 1st time

Yes, Thor is married and indeed to a beautiful actress! Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky married in December 2010 but haven’t worked together until this movie almost 7.5 years later. In the movie, they both play husband and wife and their on-screen pairing is too cute.

What we like about the couple is their chemistry. We also wonder how lovely it would have been had they acted together in these past 7 years.


12 Strong will show both cultures and that’s what makes them unique

The most unique part of “12 Strong” is how they’ve shown both sides of the story. You won’t just see the American point of view but also get to see the Afghan perspective as well. Unlike all war movies, “12 Strong” did the unthinkable and displayed both perspectives of Afghan and American forces that join forces together to fight the Taliban.

What we like about this movie is how they’ve tried to show us an authentic, real-life action movie. It’s quite rare for movies to show stories of both sides and define their behavior and actions!