Those who love traveling will always mention how a beach brings a smile on their face. Visiting a beach is considered to be therapeutic and also brings out the child within you. There are over hundreds of beaches in India that can give you supreme happiness. But what is also factual is the part where you will find thousands of common folk on the beach all day enjoying, littering and making merry.

So are you one of those people who would love to visit beaches but not the ones that are too crowded? What would you feel if we tell you that we have a list of 5 offbeat beaches in South India that would be empty, clean and serene? Would you like that? We hope you do. Here’s the list of 5 beautiful offbeat beaches in the southern part of India that you must check out:


When you visit Mangalore, one beach that stands tall is the Kaup beach. FYI When spoken it is pronounced as “Kapu beach”. Anyway, apart from having a distinction of being a quiet and clean beach, Kaup is well known across Mangalore for its lighthouse. For public view, it is open from 5-6pm depending on the weather.

What we like about this beach are its cleanliness and serenity. You will be at peace here. Sure, you can also take a dip here but we would recommend you to be near to the shore. The wave current is strong here and hence it’s better to be safe.


When you visit Pondicherry, there are many beaches which will catch your attention and they’ll also have a good amount of crowd. But Serenity beach edges out everyone. As the name suggests, you will feel rejuvenated when you visit this place amidst golden colored sand and water touching your feet.

What we like about this beach is the sound of the waves along with the breeze which just gives you a good natural therapy for free. We highly suggest you visit this beach early in the morning as post 11 am it starts getting a bit of a crowd and also hotter!


Goa is the party capital of India. Many well-known beaches attract thousands of visitors each day. But there are few beaches like Benaulim that are unexplored, clean and have very fewer visitors. Benaulim is one such beach.

What we like about Benaulim beach is a quiet and clean setting. You can indulge in water sports and also enjoy nature at its best. If you’re looking for a clean beach which is also instagrammable, look no further!


Visiting Gokarna promises you a journey of calmness and spirituality. The beaches here are clean, the view is amazing and one that stands out from the rest is Om beach. Because of two semi crescents joining together, it resembles the Hindu religious symbol “Om”. The beach has white sand, water sports for the adventurous and much more.

What we like about this beach is the fact that there are very fewer people here. The beaches are clean and you can have a great time here. Just remember to visit this place post monsoon preferably around October to February.


Our last entry will be a village that might just be at the beginning of South India. Tsunami Island is located near the famous river Tarkarli. Quite recently everyone around India has started visiting this place for adventure sports and the sunset view.

What we like about this beach is the view, the water sports and also that it’s clean. Sure there are many visitors here but very few visits during the monsoons fearing the tides. We recommend you to visit this place in monsoons and enjoy the whole beach to yourself.

So here’s our list of 5 beautiful offbeat beaches in South India. Did you like our list? Did we miss out on a beach? Share in the comments and let us know!