When Lucy released in 2014, it was termed as a sci-fi movie related to the human brain capacity. In general terms, an average human would utilize very little % of the brain capacity (assuming to be in single digits).

But in the movie, we will see Lucy break that barrier and utilize 100% of her brain capacity. If a human could utilize the whole of their brain, what would they become? Will they become superhuman, control time, become the new-age God?

With so many thoughts, people all over the world watched this amazing movie and came out with positive reviews. Their mind was blown with the amazing sequences shot by director Luc Besson. If you still aren’t convinced yet, we will give you 5 mind-boggling reasons why you must watch Lucy on Netflix right now!


There’s a connection to the genesis of Humans

Common now, haven’t we all wondered if there was a way to understand how did the “Big-Bang” take place that resulted in Earth gaining its existence? Also, don’t we wish to know how the first human came to be? Director Luc Besson gives us a sneak peek of what might have happened and how the first ape/human resembled.

What we like about this genesis aspect is that it’s quite a sight and as a human, it surely will catch your attention. Watching the genesis from the eyes of Lucy will tingle some sensations in your brain!


The movie shows a lot about what Humans have done with Life

Lucy shows a lot of instances concerning o what humans have done with life. Like we all know, Life is dated back to billions of years. There are questions in the movie that only ask one simple question – What have we done with life? Have we made the most of it or have we done no justice to it?

What we like about Lucy is the fact that the makers question our motive with life. It leaves the audience with a lot of introspection. You will be more amazed and filled with thoughts of what you’re doing with life.


Humans and the direct relation to pain

One of the most amazing moments in the movie will show how humans when in pain cannot think rationally. If you’re hurt and bleeding, all you can think about is the pain and what you can do to lessen or erase it. No other rational thought will run through your mind even if you could win a million dollars/pounds for it!

What we like about Lucy is that more than the 100% brain capacity moment, there are many learning moments where you will understand more about the psyche of humans and how we are what we are.


Written and directed by Luc Besson

Luc Besson is not just your average filmmaker. He’s been in this industry for more than 3 decades and has made some amazing movies like La Femme Nikita & The Fifth Element. Filmmakers remember him as one of the best directors to ever make memorable movies for female action heroes.

What we like about Lucy is that there would be no one better than Luc Besson to direct and depict this movie in such routes. You will love his vision and the whole movie in totality.


Scarlett Johansson people! Who else?

Scarlett Johansson has been one of the best female action heroes who have been working in this industry for a long period. She’s done justice to her part to the hilt and when you see her, Lucy will make more sense. Right from displaying emotions and being stone-cold in her talks, she’s done everything too perfectly.

What we like about Scarlett is that you’ll see another superpower of Black Widow in the form of a human who due to a failed drug experiment reaches 100% of her brain capacity. The things she can do & feel post this development is out of the world!


So this is what we think about Lucy. We do hope you watch this movie as it’s now present on Netflix & hence you mustn’t miss out on such a golden opportunity. If you’ve already watched it, do comment below & let us know what you think about the movie.