Let’s make some noise for a teenage romance, shall we? Five feet apart is one of the best romance stories you can watch that has a lot of meaning given to life.

The central characters of this movie are Stella and Will, two 17 -year-olds that bond due to an illness. That’s right. They both are patients diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. While Stella prefers to be within the hospital and confines herself to any communication, Will is nothing unlike that.

Due to their illness, they must maintain a safe distance but the connection and chemistry have other plans. Will they find true love in a place where life and death play a match? Keeping this thought in mind, we have found 5 lovely reasons why every person that has fallen in love must watch “Five feet apart”.


“Five feet apart” has tried to be medically accurate

One of the best things about the movie is how they’ve done their research well. So much that you will see them be medically accurate at all times. This movie was partnered with Claire’s Place foundation that’s a charity run to support families that have suffered due to cystic fibrosis emotionally and even with finance.

What we like about “Five feet apart” is how they’ve shown each occurrence, the situation at home & even the hospital with such accuracy that you’d understand the magnitude of this illness.


“Five feet apart” is also about Friendship and dating

Don’t just think this movie is only about teenage romance and medical illness. Yes, we agree it’s majority related to that but what you’ll also find here is that the movie displays two major relationships right from Friendship to dating. It’s quite a lovely take by the makers to show us all how lovely life can be regarding how weak you feel.

What we like about “Five feet apart” is the various encounters friends and partners have when either of them is ill. It’s somewhat funny and also fills you with empathy for the friends and families that go through with this pain every day.


The couple brings out the best in each other’s performances

The roles of Stella and Will have been played by Cole Sprouse & Haley Richardson respectively. One of the best parts of this movie is how they both have amazing chemistry. This chemistry has brought out the best in each other’s performances. You’ll feel like you’re seeing an actual couple enact their life story.

What we like about “Five feet apart” is how cute their love story is and also each dialogue uttered among these two looks too real and pure.


“Five feet apart” is more unexpected than you can imagine

Well, if you’re expecting that this is going to be the same story as “The Fault in Our Stars” then we will accept that you’re partially right. But only partially! Overall, “Five feet apart” is more than your regular teenage romance. From what we hear, some scenes were surprising for even the audience and some left them shocked.

What we like about this movie is that they’ve left out the predictable factor and used the element of surprise well.


“Five feet apart” is purely about Young love

There’s something about young love. Most of us have gone through it. Some still treasure it, some feel disturbed and some cannot let go of the separation. But no one forgets their first love. “Five feet apart” is one such movie that is so pure about young love that you’ll end up remembering the first time you fell in love.

What we like about this movie is how they’ve shown the purest form of love among these young adults! So if you haven’t watched it already, just go and watch it on Netflix!