Indoor plants are cherished by people for mainly two purposes, fresh and clean air or outstanding home decor. When plants are chosen for decor, they are used as a medium to beautify the surroundings and add vibrant green color to a plain and dull room. While one is planning to use the plants indoor for fresh air purposes, then nothing can be better than planting some of the beautiful plants. Most of the plants grow happily at room temperature and do not require a lot of attention, just a sufficient amount of sunlight. The indoor plants have a longer life as compared to others.


Pothos Ivy

Are you fed up with all the unhealthy air inside and outside your house, then you can bring this particular indoor plant that would purify the indoor air by absorbing toxins such as formaldehyde?

You can either put the plant in a hanging basket or put it in as a climbing plant with an object to support it. The plant can extend its trail up to eight feet so when the right time comes to cut them off otherwise they will cover a large area. It requires a significant amount of sunlight otherwise it might fall out. The plant grows well in normal room temperature.


Aloe plant

The aloe plant is well known among all the palm lovers for its medicinal properties. It can attain a maximum height of three feet, which can be high for an indoor plant. You can also go for the smaller varieties of the plant. This plant grows well in small and sunny indoor places.

The ideal room temperature for this plant is around seventy degrees among with maximum sunlight possible. The plant uses dry soil so avoid watering too much.


Spider plant

This spider plant has made its place in the line of indoor plants for years and it is an evergreen choice for plant lovers. The outlook of the plant is very simple yet unusual and therefore, it adds excitement to your room. There are several varieties of spider plants. They are best suited if you use them as hanging plants. The ideal conditions for this type of plant to grow are moist soil. It also requires bright or medium light conditions. If you keep the room temperature between sixty to seventy-five degrees then nothing can stop the plant from growing fabulously healthy.


English Ivy

This plant is the ideal one for the indoor condition and requires moist soil. The room temperature should be cool. The ideal temperature should be between fifty to seventy degrees to let the plant progress. Ivy has a beauty and elegance of its own that will add to your room as its ever existing part. As the plant grows from the stem, you can also gift a friend by cutting the one stem of the plant as in a few days, a new plant will pop with its help. Generally, you will get a small plant almost like a sapling in two weeks.


Jade plant

Jade plant is an indoor plant that does not require very keen attention and if you are an easy-going person, it would prove a great companion to you. The look of the plant is very different and interesting with its lush and thick leaves. The plant can live for more than ten years and it grows at a very gradual and slow speed. The plant would look great in a pot. The soil can be kept dry as the plant does not need a lot of water. The ordinary room temperature with a significant amount of light is enough for the plant.


Now that you have known about these famous plants that can surely amp up your room with their appearance and make your day in the best way, quickly buy them and enhance your room’s decor.