Good habits are at the core of any well-disciplined person. When we make the effort to be more uniform and mindful about how we act, think, and behave, it automatically puts as ahead in the race for success. Without the discipline of the self, it is impossible to succeed in life. But forming a good habit and sticking to it takes a fair amount of time. This becomes increasingly true as we grow older, as with age the neural pathways for our habits (good or bad) become deeper and harder to break.

But that does not mean old cycles cannot be broken or that new ones won’t stick. It is all a matter of persistence – as you keep at it and make a genuine effort each day, you can truly begin to discipline yourself. So, here are five good habits you need to maintain in order to be able to discipline yourself:


Set goals the right way


How many times have you made a “mental note” of something you have to do, and actually carried it out in time? Mental notes are passive and thus, they are not as effective in helping us achieve our goals. When we make a mental note, we are not being specific about what exactly it is that we need to do, what things we’ll need, the deadline, etc. But if you sit down with a pen and paper, you can jot all of that down. This will help you in understanding what the task entails and thus, you will be able to go about it more efficiently.

The best way to do is to first set your long term goals. Now, working backward, you can assign goals to yourself on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Following a thorough and realistic list of goals, every day will go a long way in making your dreams come true.


Get some exercise in


Moving our body – be it by walking, dancing, or exercising, etc is very important. Exercise increases your concentration levels and teaches you how to stay focused. You don’t have to launch into intense workouts at the gym right from the start. Start small with easy ten minute sessions and build upon them.


Eat well

A well-balanced diet works wonder for your brain and help you achieve your full potential. It gives us the energy required to be focussed and disciplined throughout the day. So, make sure your meals have a range of proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals in them. By planning your meals beforehand you can make that happen.


Maintain a good sleep cycle

If you keep yawning or wanting to sleep in the middle of a task, you won’t be able to complete it to the best of your abilities. A good sleep cycle is the answer to many of our worries and ailments. People who are unable to complete their sleep on a regular basis are at a higher risk of developing a range of diseases and illnesses, as our immune system also takes a hit due to sleep deprivation. So, make sure you get to bed and actually fall asleep on time too. If you have trouble sleeping, you can try to relax. From meditation and scented candles to reading or listening to soothing music – you can do a lot to get your mind to feel drowsy.

Make sure you do not have coffee in the five hours before bedtime. Getting at least six hours of sleep every day will boost your attention span, encourage creativity, and sharpen your mind too.



Meditation helps us keep our worries aside and truly be present at the moment. It builds our physical and emotional well being too. Even if you have just ten minutes to spare, dedicate them to meditation.

The journey of creating discipline within ourselves can mean different things to different people, and so their paths are also likely to be different. But these five things will be found across the world. This is because they cannot be ignored by someone who wishes to succeed in life. They help us take better care of our mind and body as well, and that ultimately gives us the strength to establish new habits and break free of old and unrewarding cycles.