Traveling is something that people love to do, for fresh views, for the bracing wind. And for some, for discovering that which is new. Europe has emerged as the top travel destination. And what better place to visit there, than France?


Why Visit France?

France is the World’s most visited country. Most people wonder those who haven’t been there that is, as to why this is. Let’s face it, it has all three, the Big Three: Landscape, Culture, and History. With alpine mountains, meadows, farms, rivers and spectacular sea coast, it seems that wherever you go in France, the Geography changes with it, and herding along are the flavors of French Cuisine. It leads the world in Performing Arts and Gastronomy. It is attributed to everything, from lush grasslands to D-Day beaches. World Class resorts to stunning breeches. And this is why we say: Viva la France!

We think of France and we think of Paris, Bordeaux, Avignon, and other amazing spots to go hopping around. But how many of you know of Barcelonnette? Or Etretat? In case you visit France soon and want to see some places that aren’t well known, read on!


Loire Valley

One sometimes finds that while traveling between places, you don’t stop at some wonderful locations. One such place is this, one of the biggest valleys one may find in France. If you are into old architecture, sprawling castles or lush green forests, the Loire Valley is the place to go. It is also home to some of the most beautiful French villages that still retain their authenticity.


Puy de Dồme

While this lava dome does receive a lot of attention, it still isn’t enough to satisfy the sheer majesty of this chain of volcanoes that stretch over 10 KM. Surprisingly, it also happens to be one of the best paragliding spots in Europe! It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, traditional villages, and crystal blue lakes.



Located at History’s tip-off point, and perhaps the Earth’s, this beach-side town in Normandy is a place where you’re standing at the edge of the world. Another Historical Marvel: The White Bird, the plane that went missing in 1927 while trying to fly from Paris to New York, was spotted here in 1929, making it super famous in aviation History.


Grand Site des Deux Caps

Located roughly halfway between Calais and Boulogne, this is the longest stretch of beach in France, with pristine beaches full of white sand and whiter waves. It is attributed also with woods in the vicinity which serve for a great walk, meadows full of cows and happens to be one of the more overlooked sites. Thousands of people pass by it and don’t see it since it’s located at the end of the Eurotunnel. While it is located at a very obvious location, it’s still a very well-kept secret! It looks beautiful in pictures and even more so in real life.



Located in Provence, in the Southern French Alps, it’s extremely archetypal, or is it? The locals escaped to Mexico in the 19th century, hoping to make money. They came back and so with what they sought and something else: Latin ideas. One expects Barcelonnette to be a yodel-hovel. But if you come around in the festival time, that being August, you mind find the ranges screaming Mariachi music at you.


So yeah, France has the when and it has what. It has the where and of course, the Wine. But it has more. More than the enormous Eiffel Tower, the cultural representation of Paris, soaring up to the Heavens. It has more than the heady excitement of Champagne, the bubbly, the shiny water. It is more than what most people think. It has a more diverse culture, tastes, topography, and meteorology than we knew or cared for. Come to think of it, we never do really hear of these places, and of course, there’s more, loads more. But yes, these 5 re there for your consideration, for your wanderings, in beautiful, wonderful France.