The Good Doctor started in 2017 as a show which displays the main lead Shaun Murphy who is a resident doctor. What makes this special is that he is a doctor with autism. The show received rave reviews and a lot of audiences loved it. Now, they are well into their 3rd straight season and look like they aren’t in the mood to stop at all.

Keeping this in mind, we have created this post to convince all you guys with 5 good reasons why you should be watching “The Good Doctor”.

Great attempt to show work-life balance & less drama in stories

Good Doctor does a fantastic job showing the reality every working-class individual faces i.e. maintaining a healthy work-life balance. What’s best is that with each surgery and symptom, you might end up increasing your knowledge on diseases and being healthy.

What we like about the show is that they don’t overly dramatize stories and hence it feels real. Most of the issues that take place will also look realistic and nothing will be blown out of proportion. Hence watching Good Doctor will be more of a learning experience with each storyline.

Female Power is quite evident

Most of the TV Series is still male-centric and while females do have some reasons to cheer; we still see them playing second fiddle to someone. In this show, you will look at the female leads trying twice as hard to be recognized and show everyone the strength of women.

What we like about this series is that throughout the storylines, you will see them struggle with maintaining family relations and also be a good surgeon. You will see them show strength and always be at their best no matter how bad the odds are stacked against them.

Immense Diversity in the casting

The Good Doctor shows the lives of doctors working at the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Some doctors are from a diverse set of ethnic and racial backgrounds. We appreciate the fact that each of the 3 leading women in this series is also from different ethnic backgrounds.

What we like about the show is that you can see all these doctors combining and the result is really good. You will also see the main lead that is autistic and finds social interactions difficult. Throughout the series, he befriends all these doctors and learns how to grow his social skills and circle.

Talented Cast

Two things that Good Doctor got right – Amazing plot & Talented Cast!

Whether you will see young doctors or old, each character has brought out their best to keep us entertained throughout the series. We would like to highlight the duo of Freddie Highmore and Richard Schiff who plays a mentor to Freddie in the series. Their interactions are what drew people towards watching the show.

What we like about the cast is that more actors have outdone their parts like Beau Garrett, Hill Harper, Will Yun Lee, Nicholas Gonzalez, Antonia Thomas, Chuku Modu and Fiona Gubelmann who have done a fantastic job and together they have created magic.

All characters are equal

The last reason why you must watch the Good Doctor is simply because every character is treated like an equal. The main lead will have more scenes because the whole series revolves around him but the time given to each character here is more than any show you have watched.

What we like about the series is that the supporting cast does an outstanding job with their acting skills and also you will see a good working environment where the channel of communication is followed to the letter. It helps in having a stress free working environment where everyone can voice their opinions.


Overall, the Good Doctor is exactly what you must watch if you’re looking for a smart, friendly, humorous and also a less dramatic show! We believe this show has a lot more to offer and with time; all characters will grow on you. So tell us, will you watch this series now? Have you already watched it? What are your thoughts? Kindly comment below and let us know!